The 8THIRTYFOUR Holiday Gift Guide

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Our favorite time of the year (ok, Kim’s favorite) is Christmas. If this was any other year than 2020, you’d be able to stop by our office and see what we mean. We go overboard for the holidays. We’re kind of experts at celebrating and gift-giving.
Without further ado, here is our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve searched high and low and spent hours online simply to give you a leg up this season.

For the Kitchen

We’ve all spent a little more time cooking and a little less time going out this year. For the sustainable cook on your list, you’ve got to get these reusable storage bags. Did we mention they stand up on their own?
Stasher reusable food storage bags.
If Jen hasn’t already sold you on one, you obviously haven’t talked to her about the airfryer. For the cook that wants great things fast, this is a must have kitchen appliance! Did we mention it’s healthy?
An Airfryer
Sometimes you just need to relax. For our tea fans out there, you need this gadget. It’s essentially just like any other loose tea infuser, but it is just way more fun. Trust us.
A clear teapot.
Time in the kitchen means a lot of cleanup, and that means tons of plastic bottles. Declutter the space under their sink by replacing cleaning supplies with these convenient tabs. The glass bottles are super sleek, too.
Refillable soaps and soap tablets

For Working from Home

We don’t know about you, but all of this working from home has our posture looking more like the letter C than an actual person. Protect the workaholic on your list with this nifty little guy.
A man sitting at his desk with his hands crossed over behind his head
And speaking of that workaholic…keep these bad boys in mind. Give the gift of blue light-blocking glasses this holiday. They might not be glamorous, but they’re practical and well worth it.
A man wearing clear blue light blocking glasses
Someone once told us, too, that the best gifts were things that are soft and warm. Nothing is more true as we head into winter. Slippers are always a great gift, especially now that we’re allowed to wear them to work. Check out this list of the top-rated slippers in 2020.

For Everything Else

We know 2020 has been hard. How about some budget friendly gift ideas? When was the last time you wrote a letter to a friend or family member? Show your favorite people how much you love them with a memorable letter, poem, or haiku. This year, it’s really the thought that counts.
If you have a little extra dough and don’t know what to buy, give the gift of laziness. Upgrade your loved one’s chill with this power strip that turns anything into a smart device.
Kasa Smart WIFI Power Strip
Are you a fan of gag gifts? Toilet paper is the perfect gag (and practical) gift you can give this year. Plus, nothing else really summarizes the year 2020 like a roll of toilet paper.
Toilet paper
In case you haven’t been following our annoying social posts, we highly recommend Mana Boxes, too. You get cool stuff, and you support women entrepreneurs. It’s a win/win.
Mana Boxes
Before you get your undies in a bunch, we also have our favorite local gift ideas here. Small businesses need your support now more than ever.
Look for the blog this Friday. We have so many great ideas for you.

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