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We recently had Josh Byler on the Happy Hour Hustle podcast. For those of you that don’t know, Josh is married to Kim. If you haven’t listened, it’s a good one. Oh, and wait until the VERY end, after the music. You can thank us later. 

Kim has talked about the loneliness of being a business owner and the need to hold it together for…well, everyone. What we’ve never dug into is what it’s like to be married to or a friend of  someone who is a business owner, dog rescuer, community leader and workaholic. 

We asked Kim the questions below. Pour a drink, eat some leftovers and enjoy.

How would you describe your relationship with Josh?

Organized chaos. We have six dogs at home, which is one less than we used to have…so there’s that, and I’m running what I would consider to be a successful business, which requires a lot of my time. 

I remember when we first met. I told him my career was a top priority for me, and I wouldn’t apologize for that. Isn’t it funny as women we feel we have to give a disclaimer? We’re expected to have it all—family, relationship, 2.5 kids, a home right out of Better Home and Gardens and a size 4 waist. 

Our relationship works because we like each other, and we’re honest. I know that sounds funny, but we genuinely enjoy spending time together. He just gets me, and we make our relationship a priority. Yes, I work all the time. Yep, stress is a constant and tempers absolutely flare, but we keep working at it. Anything good in life takes work.

I was married before, and I know what doesn’t work. Maybe that’s why we’re going on 10+ years, or it maybe it’s just dumb luck.

What should people know about business owners?

We can’t ever quit, take a break or shut down. Too many people rely on us, and regardless of how shitty things are, you gotta hold it together, because everyone looks to you. 

We are under a lot of pressure, and the loneliness is real. It’s hard to describe it to someone that isn’t a business owner. 

Talk about friendships.

The women I am closest to are driven, no bullshit, tough-love givers, abrasive and unapologetic, and I fucking love them. Relationships evolve as you get older. Friendships in your 40s are very different than friendships in your 20s or 30s. 

We cheer each other on and push each other to do better. 8THIRTYFOUR is on the Forbes list because one of those women believed in me and nominated us. 

I couldn’t do this without them. They’re my confidantes, the ones who talk me off the ledge, and they’re my heroes. 

Life isn’t easy. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and push you to be better. 

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