Don't be a d*ck, shop local

Listen, you don’t need another blog on why you need or should shop local. What you do need is a list of the cool shit you can buy from kickass local businesses for the upcoming holidays.
Be a hero, not a zero and shop these amazing retailers. 

Mitten Brewing Company

It’s beer and pizza, do we need to say anything else?
Buy a gift card or growler for that special someone. We have it on good authority that growlers look pretty kickass sitting under a Christmas tree.


The shop that has everything, now has an online store. We could not be happier about this. Want a unique gift? This is the place for you. Extra points for snarky when you’re choosing a gift from Rebel. Don’t be boring, be awesome.

Fido & Stitch

Dog people are the best people and they shop at Fido & Stitch. Need a sweater for your furry friend to spice up the family pictures this year? F&S has you covered. We also recommend their bakery dog treats, grooming, collars and so much more. It’s doggy heaven. 

Books & Mortar

They are self-proclaimed as “Proudly Progressive, Consciously Curated, and Fiercely Independent Neighborhood Bookstore” and that is the sh*t we like to see. Pick out a meaningful gift and actually talk to someone who isn’t a teenager chewing gum at the counter (like in an 80’s rom-com way). These people love their books and it feels good to spend your money there.

Martha’s Vineyard

Who doesn’t love a nice bottle of wine (with ice if you’re Kim) and some aged meats and cheese?  Martha’s Vineyard is a minority-owned corner wine shop with a global appeal. Established in 1981, Kameel Chamelly took a small stop-and-go shop on the edge of the historic Heritage Hill neighborhood and built it into a thriving neighborhood bottle shop, grocery, and deli. Today, Martha’s Vineyard is more than just fine wine . . . it is a hub for all things delicious!

Malamiah Juice Bar

After all of the indulging, we’ll be doing over the holidays, we’re all going to be needing a good juice cleanse. The company, who’s mission is to elevate community wellness through healthy products, local partnerships and youth employment just launched a juice cleanse subscription program!

Vault of Midnight

Every single one of you has someone on your list who’s into board games, comics, or D&D. Well, look no further. Vault of Midnight is a great solution for all your nerdy shopping needs. Plus, the GR location is right in the middle of Monroe Center, so it’s pretty much in the heart of our amazing city. 
They have an online store for big releases, but if you can stop in (with a mask on, of course), you can pick up goods created by local independent artists, too. Shopping local while supporting independent creators? Now, that’s a recipe for a great holiday. 
These are only a few of the amazing retailers here in Grand Rapids. Go show them some love today.

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