8THIRTYFOUR’s Best of 2019

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We like to reminisce at the end of the year. As a team, we reflect on our wins, losses and everything in between. We wake up every day and are blessed to do what we love. It’s all thanks to the support of our amazing clients, community, partners and families.
So in honor of all of you and the joy of marketing, public relations, design, digital and web, we’re proud to present our Best of 2019.


Some of our favorite things about public relations include openings, influencer marketing and promoting the kickass things our clients are doing.

  • Pretty much the coolest thing we’ve ever done was being able to work on an event that featured the NFL’s Sarah Thomas. She was gracious, funny and smart as hell. Inforum brings in the best speakers and programs to our community, and we’re thrilled we get to be a small part of it.
  • We were honored to announce the merger of The Bradley Company and XVentures. When two commercial real estate giants join forces, our community benefits.
  • Anything with wine is our favorite. We were able to welcome Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants to Grand Rapids. It was definitely fun, and we got to join their wine club.
  • National PR is kind of our thing. From telling burn survivor stories to a deep dive into the tariff war, we cover it all.

Did we mention we won multiple PR awards? Read up on it here.


This past year, we shot the hell out of some video, developed multiple kickass brands and brought our clients’ creative to the next level.

  • Our branding projects ranged from an event venue, to a small business coalition, to an event company, to a company focused on providing energy solutions to third-world countries. Our clients are pretty much the coolest.
  • We also got to work with everyone’s favorite sports commission and build an ad campaign to attract great sporting events to our amazing community.
  • We worked with the Grand Rapids Pride Center on a campaign targeting the aging LGBTQ+ community to ensure they have the resources they need.
  • Websites, websites and more websites! From doctors to lawyers to logistics to whole communities, we tackled it all.
  • We also got a new color printer and our creative lead was promoted to “Literal F*cking Rainbow.”


  • Our charming and handsome digital director did a well-received podcast on marketing automation, and we have a client “already landing new business” after we implemented it for their business. Boom.
  • Did we mention we made all the websites?
  • We worked on targeted platforms to capture leads from geolocated, time-sensitive events. Then we converted those leads to lookalike audiences, based on previous customer lists (In English? We love letting the AI do the work).
  • We’ve launched websites, digital ad campaigns, social media strategies and more…we’re tired.


  • We have been scheduling, creating, targeting, posting and developing amazing content in your voice to drive your business goals.
  • Our clients are in logistics, health, fashion, construction, food service, professional services and the list goes on. Here’s the thing: we deliver results, no matter the industry.


  • We were instrumental in highlighting the work that Battle Creek has done to help them earn the All-America City Award. Following their win, we coordinated to celebrate the award back at home and promoted a celebration for the entire community to enjoy.

We also launched the Happy Hour Hustle podcast, Small Biz 4 Equality, implemented mindfulness activities bi-weekly and visited every patio in Grand Rapids. All in all, it’s been a damn good year and we have you to thank for it.
Watch out, 2020. We’re coming at ya.

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