Measuring the Impact of Your Digital Campaigns

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Want a sneak peek behind the curtain? Not that curtain, get your head out of the gutter! Well, when it comes to blog topics, our team looks to our readers and clients and the questions we hear most often. Then we work backwards to find an interesting, shareable blog that you will actually care about and maybe even learn something from. Based on the buzz around the office, we thought it’d be good to talk about exactly what matters in your digital campaign. So sit back, grab your favorite drink, and get ready to hear about the real metric you should be focusing on: how many humans are taking action from your ads?


When most people launch digital campaigns, it’s because they want to reach thousands of people. Have you ever heard the term “going viral?” That’s what we’re talking about. The problem with “going viral” is that you reach a bunch of people, but not always the right people. In the digital realm, we can get much more focused. When you look at digital metrics, “reach” is how many people actually saw your digital ads. On Google Search ads, this means that you showed up for that search even if they may not have clicked on your specific ad. In a cost-per-click model, this is pretty much just free impressions for you to help with brand recognition. Facebook Display Advertising gives you a metric called “frequency,” which tell you how often one person saw your ad. Your ad might be getting seen a lot, but you may be hitting the same people over and over again. But let’s get down to brass tacks. What does that actually cost you?


When people see your ads, you want them to do something, right? (Psst… If they don’t do anything, what was the point anyway). This might mean clicking on your ad, commenting or sharing on social media, or even making a direct communication with your business. Now let’s combine that goal with your team. If you know your sales team converts inbound calls at a 90% rate, then you should be able to calculate how much every qualified inbound call is worth to you. Once you start looking at things that way, it’s easier to see how much you should spend on every conversion. Just in case you didn’t already know, the conversion is when that person takes the desired action you placed the ad for. That could be making a purchase, contacting your company, requesting an appointment, etc. We are so close to the holy grail of marketing, but let’s take a step back. You can push all your money to getting more conversions, but if they aren’t qualified leads, what’s the point? We’re so glad you asked.


Once upon a time, we worked on a campaign for a client in a massive hiring crunch. The client had recently placed a billboard in a highly trafficked area, but they only had one job applicant to show for it. We know, shocking right?
We established some best practices, marketing strategy, consistent branding, and a Facebook event campaign around a job fair. Not only could we track the thousands of people we reached with our ads and the hundreds of people who showed interest in the Facebook event, but also the real people who actually showed up and were hired.
See? It’s not about numbers. It’s about real people and actual conversions.

Do you have a goal you’d like to hit this year? Bring it to the table so we can help you knock it out of the park. Or maybe you need help establishing what your digital goals should be for 2020? Either way, get in contact to work with us and drive real people to take real actions.

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