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We get pretty hyped up about Small Business Saturday, probably because we are a small business and damn proud of it. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99.6% of the businesses in Michigan are small. Repeat that percentage in your head one more time. Think about it. We are the largest employers in our state and represented the least.

When was the last time you saw a small business on a panel of speakers? Or as a keynote speaker? Tapped to serve on a board? The majority of these opportunities go to large corporations, and they are the same names over and over and over again. Small Business Saturday gives us the opportunity to recognize the incredible businesses in our community that are part of that 99.6%. Check out some of our local favorites below.

Nestology Shop & Studio

Nestology Shop & Studio is a woman-owned business that sells uniquely curated handmade jewelry, home decor, accessories, and more! Anything in this shop makes for a thoughtful gift this holiday season.

Kula Yoga GR

Kula Yoga GR is a welcoming and homey yoga studio for all skill levels and class types. They always run a new student special of 30 days for $35. Plus, you can hang out with our Creative Lead during the classes she teaches on Thursdays!


Hopscotch is an adorable children’s store locally owned in East Hills. They offer everything from books to tableware to clothes, so you’re bound to find something cute and useful for even the pickiest little ones.

The Pickwick

The Pickwick in East Hills recently celebrated its 75th year in Grand Rapids. This bar popped up in 1934, the year after prohibition ended. Since then, it’s grown to become one of Grand Rapids’ staple bars. In fact, it has barely changed at all since it opened. Now that’s rustic charm!

The Mitten Brewing Company

It’s no secret we love the Mitten Brewing Company. They are our partners in Small Biz 4 Equality, and they make giving back the center of all they do. Plus, their pizza and beer aren’t half bad. Go try it for yourself.

Happy Cat Cafe

If you like cats, you have to check out Happy Cat Cafe. Stop by to paint, do yoga, or just relax, all with the loving company of some adorable cats. Did we mention they’re adoptable, too? Go snag a forever kitty friend.

Last But Not Least…

We couldn’t forget our very own woman-owned business! We’re at 13 years in business and counting. Go team!
Ready to give back to small businesses in our community? Check out the full list of businesses participating in Small Business Saturday, and start showing your support. We’re sure they’ll really appreciate it.

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