Black Friday Marketing Takeaways that Last All Year

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In the words of so many shoppers, “It’s the best day of the year!” Black Friday is only a few days away, meaning people everywhere are mapping out their battle strategies to make sure they’re the first to get that hot item at a super low price. It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? Even if consumers aren’t on the ground getting what they want, they’re probably browsing deals on their phones. Whether you’re a retailer or not, Black Friday is a great time to get people to look your way and to remember your brand. In fact, it’s a great model for how we can effectively market, all year round. Make sure you have a strategy before you make any moves, we can help with that.

Keep reading for some of our team’s biggest takeaways from Black Friday marketing to propel you through the holidays and the year to come.

Focus on Exclusivity

Ever hear about FOMO? Yeah. We’re talking about that. Whenever you start thinking about any sort of push for conversions, you’ve got to think about exclusivity. Sure, you might actually only have a limited amount of stock, which makes scarcity a real thing. But you might also be talking about a downloadable pamphlet, case study, coupon, etc. which doesn’t have a limited supply. You can still focus on exclusivity. How? Easy. Gated content on websites inspires users to input their email for content that they can’t get any other way. Try sending info out to followers only, or even blast a sneak peek to your email list. When people feel like they’re part of the elite, they care a lot more, and those who aren’t part of the fun? Well, they’re desperate to join in.

There’s Always Monday

The big thing about Black Friday a lot of people forget is its counterpart, Cyber Monday. Sure, Black Friday is a massive retail holiday, but Cyber Monday is the online twin, and it can drive a whole bunch of sales, too. So why does this matter outside of November? No matter what industry you’re in, it has its own holidays. Maybe they’re national holidays that relate to your brand, such as “National Rescue Dog Month.” Either way, there are miscellaneous days throughout the year that matter to you. Take those opportunities to blast out relatable content. Are you a content machine? What are you doing for National Write a Letter Day? Do you rent out costumes? Why not focus on National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Devise campaigns around holidays that matter to your specific audience, not just the greater public at large. Trust us. You’ll see how much your readers care when you do.

Keep ‘Em Around

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great, but you know what’s better? Lifetime brand loyalty. When you create a campaign or strategy, no matter what event or product it’s for, you need to be thinking about the long term. If someone converts (or doesn’t) on a campaign, you should have a strategy for how to continue to build a relationship with that user. These sorts of strategies turn a single transaction into a lifetime customer. Have you heard of SharpSpring? The marketing automation tool, takes care of this for you, reach out to us today to find out more. Focus on your brand, on your relationships, and on your conversion funnels. These three things are going to be your guide to extending prospects and one-time-buyers beyond the initial door-busting rush. Ready to work with a team that knows how to create informed marketing strategies? We’re right here! Reach out to us today, and let’s get started focusing on your bigger picture.

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