Last-Minute Gift Ideas for National Bosses Day

Kim Bode reads an industry article at the 8THIRTYFOUR office

Mark your calendars – National Bosses Day is Tuesday, October 16! While there are the unlucky out there who don’t have the best relationship with their boss, our team at 8THIRTYFOUR is extremely lucky to have our fearless, badass, wine-loving, dog-rescuing, outgoing leader, Kim Bode.
Whether you are already on your boss’s good side, or are looking to score a few extra brownie points, there is no time like the present to consider giving your boss a fun little gift for their special day (pun fully intended).
We have rounded up our favorite last-minute gift ideas that will put a smile across your boss’s face, and maybe earn you an extra zero in your paycheck next year*.
*highly, highly unlikely

Wine and Bath bombs

If we’re being honest, what most bosses really want is some time to themselves and a few moments of relaxation. A nice bottle of wine and some bath bombs do the trick. For the men out there who aren’t so sure about bath bombs…it’s time to give in, they’re wonderful.

Witty Calendar

Business is, well, serious, but that doesn’t mean that even the most straight-laced and serious bosses don’t need a little humor in their lives sometimes. A witty (or dog-themed) desk calendar will keep them organized and snickering throughout the work day.

Nap Pillow

Everyone. loves. naps. This gift is self-explanatory. You’re welcome.

Intriguing Book

Bosses rarely have time to think about, or focus on, anything aside from their business. No matter the role in a company, it is important that everyone carves out time for themselves. Reading is a great way to escape and get the creative juices flowing again.
Here at 8THIRTYFOUR, we know that Kim Bode will sink her teeth into any books that involve world history or war. Not sure what your boss likes? Do a little digging to find out what topics interest your boss, and then snag something intriguing from a local book store.

Best Boss Ever Mug

The humble boss in your life will love using this mug around the office, or to pretend they are starring in The Office. (get it?)
If none of these ideas seem like the right fit, head out to a local shop. In West Michigan, we adore Rebel.Reclaimed for awesomely unique presents, count on The Woodhouse Day Spa for serious pampering opportunities, and love the swag (and beer) at Brewery Vivant.
Being a boss comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress, so it is important to take the time, hopefully more than once a year, to say thank you to your boss and show your appreciation.
Not to brag, but our team is pretty skilled at gift giving, so if you need a little inspiration, reach out to us today!

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