Mental Health in the Workplace

An employee holds their head in distress while surrounded by a computer and other work materials

October 10this World Mental Health Day, and one of the biggest triggers for poor mental health is the workplace. At 8THIRTYFOUR, we believe that you should feel rejuvenated by your work and that it shouldn’t negatively impact your mental health.
Here are some of the ways our team combats the stresses of work at our office to support mental health:


The path to a healthier work environment starts with the company culture. We love to crush it and pride ourselves on the great work we do for our clients, but we never sacrifice our mental health for it.
That is why we schedule regular team chats to check in on projects, as well as team happy hours to unwind at the end of full days. Not only is this time fun for the team, but it promotes a healthier workplace. When our team is having fun, we tend to do even better work.


Sometimes, even with scheduled team time, you can still get overwhelmed. While in the moment your work may seem too timely to put off, it can almost always wait a half hour.
When you’re feeling too stressed and overwhelmed, put work aside for a moment and take a break. Use this time to just breathe and relax, or take a little walk for a glass of water. Even a short 15 to 30-minute break will put you more at ease, and your work will be even better because of it.


When you’re stuck at your desk for too long your work can seem monotonous and can wear you down. Simply working from a new location can help you feel rejuvenated. You can move to a different location in the office, or head to your favorite coffee shop. Being in a different space is sometimes all you need to be reenergized.
We encourage everyone to think of how to create healthier work environments for yourself and for your coworkers. If you want to talk more about how we do it, we’d love to connect and have coffee!

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