Client Appreciation: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Saying thanks is a big part of our culture at 834, we want our clients to understand how important they are to us and it helps put things in perspective for all of us. We are so thankful, in fact, that we created Gratitude Tuesday where we write 2 to 3 notes of thanks or congrats to those in the community and mail them out.
Here are some creative ideas to take your appreciation to the next level that will leave your clients thinking…you just may be the nicest person ever.

  1. We hope this is part of your weekly routine, there is nothing more meaningful to people then receiving a card in the mail personalized to them. Because we are 834, we take it a step further and have designed our own line of cards with messages such as: Yay!, Rockstar, F*ck Yeah! and other gems.
  2. And no, this is not cliche’. Everyone loves receiving flowers. Our favorite florist, Ball Park Floral & Gifts, doesn’t even flinch when we throw in more ‘colorful’ language for the cards accompanying our bouquets.
  3. Take someone to lunch or send them coffee, chocolate or some other local GRMI staple. Some of our favorite food gifts are Biggby CoffeeFerris Coffee & NutSweetie-licious Bakery or salted chocolate covered caramels fromKingma’s Market…so good. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like a couple 1,000 calories.
  4. Hudsonville Winery Wines imageTry the sangria at Hudsonville Winery, you can thank us later.

Booze. If you are familiar with 834, you probably have noticed we enjoy wine, craft beer, vodka, gin and…well you get the picture. If you know your client is having a stressful day/week/year, send them some cheer with a bottle of their favorite wine or a growler from one of the hundreds of local breweries. One of our favorite gifts is Hudsonville Winery sangria. You have not lived, until you have had their sangria…we are not exaggerating. Amazing. Get yourself a bottle and tell them 834 sent you.

  1. If you are looking to get more creative in your appreciation, might we suggest treating them to an experience. Curious what we mean? Here are some ideas: cooking classes at the Downtown Market GR, art classes (and wine) at Brush Studio GR, wine-tasting, classes at CKO Kickboxing GR or a tour at Hudsonville Winery…need I go on? These are all affordable, fun and out-of-the-box ideas.
  2. Sometimes, a person just needs to feel loved (or listened to). Set up a lunch, happy hour or coffee break to just chat. Leave the work agendas at the office and just listen. Ask them how their family is and what is going on in their life. If you want to truly appreciate a client, you will get to know them on a personal level and genuinely care.

A big part of client appreciation is consistency, like all things in life. Set up a quarterly reminder for yourself to say thanks.  However you choose to do it, be memorable and be consistent.
We would love to hear from you and the creative ways you give thanks – comment below!

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