Our Favorite Summertime Activities

Our Favorite Summertime Activities

June 21 was the official start of summer in Michigan. We wait for it all winter long, wade through the rain in the spring, and wistfully watch the trees for their first buds.

It’s here, and boy, have we been waiting for time to take on our favorite activities, soak up the sun and spend time relaxing.

Here are our team’s favorite summer pastimes.


So. Many. Golf. Outings. Golfing in Michigan means networking and drinking while playing a scramble so you can potentially hide how absolutely terrible you are at this game. Summer is the perfect opportunity to work on your swing and drinking game all at once. 

There are a ton of great courses in the area, such as Kent County-owned L.E. Kaufman, The Mines, Thornapple Pointe, and many more. If you’re new to golf or just looking to ride a long and get your drink on, we recommend Gracewil Country Club – it’s always a party. 

Find a patio

We are your guide to all patios in a 25-mile radius of GR. Although we mostly walk down the street to Graydon’s Crossing and take advantage of their ½ of wine on Wednesdays or Thursdays – it’s kind of a blur. There are lots of great places to walk to, just start walking and find a bar, that’s how all good stories start.

Get wet

Do you have a toddler? What about a dog? What about seven dogs? As kids our parents would throw a sprinkler under a trampoline and set us loose, we didn’t have sides back in the day. It was just a matter of time before we headed to the ER with a broken bone of some sort, all part of the experience.

If you’re too scared to take on acrobatics, grab an inflatable pool, fill it up for the dogs (and you), fill it with ice-cold water from the hose, and sit out there with a drink, book, and music. We call it the redneck yacht club, with the yacht or club.

Summer Book Club

One of the best activities during this time of year is chilling the fuck out. How do we do that? Grab a cold one, pick up your latest #BookTok find, and sit your ass in the sunshine.  There’s a time and a place for water sports and being active, and sometimes a summer evening just isn’t it. Whether you’re lounging on a rooftop, deck, or a friend’s porch, it’s immediate serotonin. As Dr. Adrienne Wallace would say, slather on the SPF  — this is critical. 

Lake time

Find someone with a boat. Make friends with people who have boats. Stand at a random dock with a cooler full of booze, some snacks and wait for someone to take pity on you and pick you up.

Drinking on the water, doing flips off the side, and grilling off the back of the boat are what summer in Michigan is all about.

There is literally no wrong answer to how you choose to spend your summer days and nights; what we won’t tolerate is the bitching about it being too hot. My dudes, we’ve lived her for how long? Winter is hard, summer is awesome and you gotta make the most out of whatever season you’re in.

Get out and enjoy it.

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