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The 8THIRTYFOUR PR team is hard at work with pitch writing, stalking all the journalists, and navigating summer pitching schedules (insert headache here). We also like to celebrate our wins,  so here are a few.

We really write these blogs so we don’t forget about our stellar placements.

Give Us the Gift Guides (With a Side of Thought Leadership)

It’s the maker of everyone’s favorite cap and our most favorite Yooper. Yeah, you guessed it. Let’s hear a little commotion for Stormy Kromer.

There’s nothing like being gifted a cap; just ask Emma’s dad, uncle, grandpa, and brother. We spread the word about the giftability of this gear with the help of Campspot, Daily Mom, GoNOMAD, and Great Day Colorado. Dads and outdoor enthusiasts alike, get your Kromer on. Please and thank you.

Stormy Kromer CEO Gina Thorsen also chatted with ValiantCEO about her journey to leadership, navigating the challenges and pressure of running a successful family business, and everything in between. And yes, we’re just as amazed by her as you are.

Get to Giving

While the past weekend equated to booze, boats, and beautiful weather, our friends at Meals on Wheels Western Michigan kept our community’s seniors company. With the holiday weekend approaching, MOWWM was looking for volunteers to assist in delivering meals. Our friends at FOX17 & the Morning Buzz jumped in to spread the word; the rest is history.

On that note, if you’re passionate about our community and seniors, you can sign up to volunteer. Delivering meals to over 1,800 seniors weekly isn’t easy, but with you, it’s possible. 

Stick This Landing

If you haven’t been to the world’s largest artificial ski jump, you’re missing out. How does one enjoy the most gorgeous, breathtaking Copper Peak views? Get ready for the Adventure Ride. If the mention of being 800-feet in the air makes you a little queasy, you’re in luck. Northern News Now went to the very top of the jump, so you don’t have to (but you definitely should). 

Copper Peak is a staple of our state, not to mention the Upper Peninsula. It’s a no-brainer that they were included in a list of 18 Must-Visit Small Towns in Michigan

Big Moves

Our clients know how to make biiiiig moves, figuratively and literally. So, what’s Alpine Events been up to? They recently expanded to the east side of the state. West Michigan now shares its favorite event rental company with the Ann Arbor area. President Carey Bisonet sat down with Shelley Irwin at WGVU for the full scoop, plus Corp! Magazine helped us share the news.

Speaking of moving and grooving, Alpine Events isn’t the only client in a new space. The National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) expanded to an office in Sterling Heights at the Velocity Center. The Sterling Heights Sentry covered the news, and for that we say thank you. Remember the power of local media? Us too.

Girl Boss? Don’t Know Her

Well, well, well. If it isn’t our favorite girl boss (see what we did there?) and coach, Jennifer Maxson of Jennifer Maxson & Associates. We left it to her to chat all about leadership trends for women with West Michigan Woman, and we’re obsessed with everything she had to say. From owning your confidence to navigating challenging situations, Jennifer covered it all. So, what did she say about the term “girl boss”? 

“Anyone can be a boss, so we don’t need our own canopy to sit under.” Period, Jennifer. Period.

Oh, and did we mention she’s one of 8 Certified Team Coach Practitioners in Michigan? Impressive, we know. Listen to her interview with Michigan Business Network for team coaching benefits and the process of her accreditation — It only took her over 180 hours.

Hop In; We’re Going to The Dunes

It’s summer which means one thing: fun at The Dunes Resort. We’re talking drinks by the pool, cabaret upon cabaret, and nights we won’t remember. It seems we aren’t the only ones headed for Saugatuck. Let these travel guides lead you to where you should be:

What a journey of earned media that past month(s) have been. To summarize: we know what we’re doing, our clients rock, and we’re ready to spread all the words. Give us a beep if we’ve got you hooked.

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