The Future of PR & AI

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As PR specialists, we’re always seeking ways to accomplish our tasks quickly and efficiently, cause we have a lot to do. Artificial Intelligence has become the new buzz since it was introduced to the public. As AI advancements continue to raise concerns for job security, business professionals have recently been worried about the demand for their work. But in the public relations field, growth and evolution are a daily occurrence. Professionals are often tasked with a range of responsibilities, and the importance of personalization cannot be underestimated. While AI may improve job efficiency, it is unlikely to replace human intuition and creativity anytime soon. MuckRack conducted a survey of 1,000 PR professionals, revealing that 60% of them utilize AI for daily tasks.

If you’re curious how you can use the robots for good, read on.

Let AI help with everyday tasks

Writer’s block? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, AI tools are like a bolt of lightning that can zap your creativity back to life! 🧠

Feeling stuck? Ask your AI buddy to come up with topics, start a paragraph, or do whatever you need to get those juices flowing. Who knows, you may not even end up using the content that it provides, but it’ll definitely kickstart your imagination. 🔥

When you’re in the zone, effortlessly producing creative content, the last thing on your mind is proper grammar. However, ignoring grammar can be detrimental to your credibility. Luckily, there are AI tools at your disposal that can meticulously examine your work, ensuring that everything is buttoned up.

Crafting social media copy can be a daunting task when searching for the right words to connect with your following. It’s even more challenging creating fresh content multiple times a week for multiple platforms. AI can assist in generating ideas and trends to make the process smoother and more efficient.

Using AI in an ethical way 

Although AI is totally rad, you can’t be lazy. AI is a tool that is used to enhance the work you already created, not create all the work for you. PR is about personalized content and being creative. AI is great for inspiring creative thoughts, but it might not nail that authentic voice. We gotta remember: us humans bring that eloquent, meaningful language to the table with our intuition & ingenuity. 

Keep it personalized

It’s essential to use your company’s voice and style in your social posts, blogs, and website. If you’re still figuring out your voice, take a step back and read our blog about social guides first.

Even if you’ve nailed your voice, AI can struggle to capture your unique identity. While it may generate decent content, PR thrives on forging personal connections, networking with peers, and making clients feel valued. No AI can match that human touch.


Ignoring AI is like rejecting avocado toast – only detrimental to your own progress. And while robots may not overtake human work right now, mark our words: adapt or be left behind. In fact, in the future, AI proficiency might just be the new ‘must-have’ skill to just stay in the game.

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