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We get it, you are super busy. Being in PR means your days are booked. You have media lists, interviews, pitches, press releases, client calls, and everything in between. Last on your to-do list is learning and reading up on what can make you better. Although it might be last on your list, professional development should always be a priority. Here are some kick-ass PR newsletters to get you started. 

Michael Smart PR

If you know us, then you know we love Muck Rack. Michael Smart collaborated with Muck Rack for the Fundamentals of Media Relations training guide. This guide gives you all the deets on media relations do’s and dont’s. Michael Smart is a public relations coach with years of experience. Michael Smarts’s PR newsletter gives you many different resources. When you subscribe you receive a guide to winning subject lines formulas for pitches. With this comes a ton of PR tips. Michael Smart PR newsletter also offers a monthly series “Good Lessons from bad PR Pitches”.  

The Sword and the Script Monthly Newsletter 

The Atlanta based PR agency goes above and beyond other regular PR newsletters. The Sword and the Script monthly newsletter breaks down the top PR, marketing, and social media news so you don’t have to go through the boring content. Let’s be real, no one has time for that so they just email all of the top content directly to you.  Even better, you only get one email a week with links to the best articles and blogs. Although the Sword and the Script Monthly newsletter has a larger focus on technology, it is still a great topic to read up on since technology rules the world these days. 

The Daily Skimm 

Daily Skimm is a fast way to get updated on all the things, from national headlines, politics to industry specific news. It provides small blurbs on all the news of the day to keep you up to date. The Daily Skimm skips all the unnecessary story headlines and gets to the real juicy content. Filling you in on hot topics and pressing news (with a bit of sass, which you know we love) keeps you intrigued and informed. 


Meltwater newsletter provides tips on communication and business strategies. Their newsletter  helps break down brand management, social media news, and gives insights on the top tier influencers. Meltwater is a great place to start if you want to know more about the PR world. 

These are just a few of the ones to read on a regular basis. Check out other recommendations by Muck Rack.

It is important to be subscribed to all your local, statewide and client industry publications as well. It’s how we stay on top of what is happening in our clients’ markets and our industry.Need someone to tackle PR for you? You’re in the right place. Drop us a line, and we’ll chat about all things PR.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Sword and the Script has two separate subscriptions – the blog (my musings) comes weekly (via Mad Mimi) and the newsletter (top industry articles for the last 30 days) comes monthly (via MailChimp).

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