834 Dogs As Graphic Design Movements

Image of white dog sitting on pink couch, surrounded by flourishing, floral elements with the words "8THIRTYFOUR Dogs as Graphic Design Movements."

We love our dogs, you know that and we love design– you also know that. We couldn’t resist matching up the #dogsof834 with graphic design movements through the ages. In other words, some of our team members are finally putting their Art History credits to use. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

Small dog with a dark purple, vintage and floral background. The words "Pheobe" and "Victorian Style" sit under a white filigree.

Victorian – Phoebe

Phoebe is a princess, anyone who knows her, knows that. If Pheobe were a human, we think she’d spend her days resting on a velvety chaise draped in silky gowns with her cheeks pleasantly rogued. Like the graphic design movement that ran during Queen Victoria’s reign (1837 – 1901), Phoebe exudes the symmetry, romanticism, and highly ornate design elements of Victorian Design. In other words, she’s high maintenance.

Arts & Crafts Style- Tony

Tony, as the oldest and wisest in the 834 troupe, emanates the traditional, simple, and textured (grey fur, hello) characteristics of the Arts & Crafts style. Anti-industrial, this style stands for the type of traditional craftsmanship that features folk, medieval, and romantic styles only a very cultured and wise doggo could encompass.

Art Nouveau – Clementine

Similar to Pheobe, Clementine also exudes a certain level of princess vibes. Clem prances through the office on her pink leash, refuses to go outside unless gently placed there, and knows exactly what she likes and who she is. Like Victorian Design and Art Nouveau, Phoebe and Clementine’s regal presences can sometimes be confused– but rest assured, there is a clear distinction between the two.

Photo of large, brown dog on a metal-like background with the words "Parker" and "Art Deco".

Art Deco – Parker

Although Parker may stray from the lavish side of the Art Deco style– with his towering stature and unique coloring, he seems sophisticated from afar. However, due to his insatiable need for pets, and genuinely joyful attitude, once you get a little closer, you’ll see some of those carefree vibes Art Deco seeks to exude as well.

American Kitsch – Joey

If you know Joey, you know that not only is she dramatic, she’s got to be the center of attention pretty much all the time. While some may say her personality is a little ‘kitsch”, we think her lack of sophistication is bold, vibrant and a great contrast to some of the other dogs of 834. Just like the American Kitsch style full of enthusiasm, informal shapes, and cartoon-like illustrations, Joey always keeps it interesting and definitely stands out.

Late Modern Style Design – Lina

The newest pup in the bunch (at least at the time of writing this blog), Lina’s bold personality, “minimal size’ (compared to her office playmate, Joey, at least), and informal way of approaching #officedoglife, she differentiates herself from some of the other pups who spend their days in a more traditional manner. Aka, she loves to play rather than snooze around the office.

Small dog with a distorted, rainbow-colored background surrounded by mushroom elements and  the words "Scrappy" and "Psychedelic Style"

Psychedelic Style – Scrappy

The name says it all. Scrappy is as abstract and sometimes illegible as this design style. Seriously, have you seen his tongue? If that doesn’t look like he’s “tripping out” a little, we don’t know what you’re seeing on your end.

Pop Art – Lucky

Pop Art reflects high energy, fun, and is extremely user-friendly. A bit of a poke at the commercialism in modern society, Lucky’s sweet demeanor, and puppy-like qualities call out society’s predisposition to assuming breeds (or mixed-breeds) like his are vicious or unfriendly. Plus, he’s just a lot of fun and so is pop art, although, he is no Andy Warhol.

Photo of dog on purple background, surrounded by various shapes with the words "Leo" and "Memphis Design"

Memphis Design – Leo

Similar to pop art in some ways, without the structure backed by its critique of commercialism. Memphis design is quirky, bright, a bit theatrical, and is meant to bring you joy through these traits. If you’ve met Leo, you know that he spends his morning greeting everyone in the office and appears to always have a smile on his face. If you don’t feel like you’re going to explode from joy when you see him, well then, you simply cannot appreciate the little things in life. Plus, we know that Leo is a nineties kid at heart and would have rocked some acid-washed jeans on a teen sitcom or Tiger Beat.

If you follow us closely, you may already know we have a few new #834pups, but they’re fresh and we’re still learning their personalities. Circle back in a few months and we’ll give you an update, but we imagine there will be some crossover. Seriously, we just went through like DECADES worth of design movements. Phew, someone @our lead graphic designer for the sequel.

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