How to be a Good Interview Source

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Before you start fidgeting and anxiously bouncing your leg at the thought of a media interview, just breathe — or gulp down a glass of something strong. We’re here to help you with a few tips for nailing your next interview with the press, so you can take a much-needed chill pill. 

Be Prepared

To put it simply, know what you’re talking about. It’s always a good idea to review your notes or talking points on the subject of the interview. There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for any convo, particularly when speaking about something that will get distributed to a large number of people. You want to be the expert and have the interviewer trust what you’re saying. 

Keep it Short & Sweet

You don’t have to talk for a long time to make it a great interview. Fewer and more pointed words are the way to go, especially for your big call to action. Answer in simple terms, stick to your points, and don’t use jargon. Um. By the way — Try not to say too many ums.

Talk in sound bites, 10 or 15 seconds at the most.

“You Can Quote That”

Reporters love a good hook, opening line, or voice snippet — so give them what they want! A strong quote can transform any interview into a great one, so make sure you’re speaking with emotion and credibility. You’ll look like the smarty pants you are.

Where & How

Is this a virtual interview? Is it for print? Radio? Is it airing live?

All of these questions are important to know before you go into the interview. Knowing the format of your interview and what’s expected of you will only help you better prepare yourself. Don’t be taken off-guard. Know what to expect. 

Always, always get there early. At least 10 minutes and bring something for the reporter. If you’re talking about a product, bring a sample for them. If it’s food, bring in the treat. 

Be Yourself

Yes, you’re the expert, but the expert can still be friendly and confident. Smile, be warm, make jokes, wear an outfit that represents your personality. 

Don’t be boring. No one likes boring. 

Be on Time

Please. For every PR pro’s sanity AND your own. Add that sh*t to your Google calendar (and invite all applicable people). On time is early. Always be early.

Need more tips or a kick-ass PR team, get ahold of us.

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