This Month in Media: October

"This Month in Media"

Another month, more earned media. Want the scoop on what we’ve secured? You don’t have to ask us twice.

Meals on Wheels Western Michigan

October was a busy month for our wonderful client Meals on Wheels Western Michigan. They held their annual Chef’s Specialty event to raise funds to support their mission to provide quality nutrition services in a supportive environment to promote the health and independence of older adults.

Chef’s Specialty was a chance for guests to enjoy dinner and networking while celebrating local community leader Dr. Khan Nedd. Did we mention 15 local chefs shared their drool-worthy recipes to compete for first place? Grand Rapids Magazine, WoodTV8, FOX17, and WGVU helped us to reach a collective monthly reach of 604,121.

Stormy Kromer

What’s a Month in Media without Stormy Kromer? For starters, they celebrated Plaidurday (the holiday for commemorating all and everything plaid) in Ironwood and brought their community together. WDIO, TV6, and UP Matters covered this special celebration for a potential monthly reach of 386,799.

We were also honored to share the news of Bob Jacquart’s MFG Lifetime Achievement Award from the Michigan Manufacturers Association. Michigan Business Network, TV6, and Second Wave Media covered this exciting accomplishment for a potential monthly reach of 258,544, but we’re also here to say it — Congratulations, Bob!

Of course, we’re keeping those gift guides coming! This month, we’ve seen inclusion in The Out Bound, MomSkoop, Allen Outside, Gear Junkie, Pet Lifestyles Magazine, and Gothamology.

Last thing —we promise. CEO Gina Thorsen is the ultimate badass, and her interview with Authority Magazine on “Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times” was everything. Seriously. Read it. 

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

The Phoneix Society for Burn Survivors is the client that continuously serves their community, and they’ve got exciting updates! Their annual World Burn Congress is getting a refresh, and their CEO, Amy Acton, sat down with WGVU and Michigan Business Network to give them the scoop. The combined UVM was 16,793.


We were absolutely blown away at the Inforum Capston event featuring Michelle Li, award-winning journalist and and co-founder of the Very Asian Foundation.

Inforum accelerates careers for women and is a catalyst that removes barriers and increases opportunity. See what’s possible. Get there faster.

Michelle Li was the keynote speaker and she shared her story (along with info on Inforum’s event) with Michigan publications:

The potential monthly reach was 1,569,848, but that wasn’t even the best part. Michelle Li is an incredible activist, leader, and human. Period. We were lucky enough to assist her in sharing her story.
Impressed? We know. You don’t have to tell us, but we sure would love to hear from you.

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