This Week in Media

It was hard to narrow down what we wanted to focus on, so we went for the bald, the funny and the bleeding.

Read on for our recap of This Week in Media.

Why are we listening to these bald men? 

For whatever reason, people are obsessed with the former host of Fear Factor’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Somehow this dude is on everyone’s lips weekly be it for his hot takes, recent misinformation on vaccines (which by the way completely contradicts his sentiment just days before lockdown hit in 2020), exclusive deal with Spotify and now is beefing with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? We can barely keep up but if you want to, this article from CNN does a great job explaining the latest. 

Can we have this ONE thing?

As many social media using Americans may already be aware, former SNL Comedian Leslie Jones loves, and we mean LOVES, the Olympics. Summer or winter she has the tenacity and candor on her social media platforms to keep us all entertained whilst watching the games. Her “sideline” reporting and color commentating is basically saying everything we are already thinking but funnier. 

This week she mentioned that she may have to stop live-tweeting the games due to suggested pressure from NBC (her former boss and known broadcasting rights holder of the games). 

Leslie, we are begging you, please keep commentating! We love your energy, it is one of the few things we have left! 

Abolishing the Tampon Tax in Michigan 

Hi menstruating people!!! Big news this week in Michigan, Big Gretch has abolished the Tampon Tax. You heard that correctly, “despite the necessity, expense, and frequency of need, Michiganders pay a 6 percent tax when they purchase tampons, pads, or other menstrual products,” according to WOOF! All for something that menstruating people do not choose to have monthly? That’s a huge cost. A cost so much they estimate it’s somewhere between $3,360 and $4,800 over the course of a lifetime… Is this some sick joke? 

It isn’t and repealing this tax is going to drive down the monthly cost for Michiganders to be more manageable! 

We’ve got lots of hot takes on all the things happening in the media, so make sure you check back often for our next This Week in Media blog. 

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