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Navigate Adventure Vans came to us with a vision: a refreshed website and a kickass announcement for a new brand. When we heard all about the company’s goals, we were excited to get on board. After all, who wouldn’t want to help launch Michigan’s first semi-custom and custom adventure van company? Uh…sign us up!

Since the Navigate Adventure Van team has over twenty years of engineering experience, they knew exactly what they wanted their audience to know. All they needed was a team to tell the story for them. If you ask us, they came to the right place.

The Navigate Adventure Vans Story

Who doesn’t love the open road, especially after staring at a computer monitor for forty+ hours a week? Navigate Adventure Vans is designed for the weekend warrior, the outdoor enthusiasts looking for a new adventure, and the adventurer in all of us. They specialize in creating semi-custom and custom Sprinter van builds, complete with everything a person could need on their journey. Whether it’s a space to store skis, a stove to cook a delicious meal, or even solar panels, the Navigate Adventure Vans team can make it happen. 

Our state is filled with natural beauty, which means it’s a perfect place for anyone to explore in an adventure van. Navigate Adventure Vans decided to bring those vans to Michigan for the first time, and so far, it’s been a success!

The original home page of the Navigate Adventure Vans site was hard to read.
Check out the original home page of the Navigate Adventure Vans site.

The Challenge

When we first met with Navigate Adventure Vans, their website lacked the personality, drive, and creativity of the team. It also had a few issues performing on different devices, and it didn’t dive into their services or story at all. 

That’s why we set out to create an entirely new site, with an emphasis on showing off the builds, generating new business, and ensuring a good user experience, no matter what platform that user is on.

Why Navigate Chose 8THIRYTFOUR

Each website we build is custom made for the client in question. We don’t just slap a template on a website base; we create something that blows a clients’ goals out of the water.

We also know that a website is a living, breathing thing. That means it needs updates, like, all the time. When we build, we use a user-friendly platform with a drag-and-drop editor. Then, when the site is fully launched and signed off on, we train our clients on how to update their site and give them a nice little guide to refer to in the future, just in case. 

Why? Because one of our core values is, “we put you first.” We want our clients to feel comfortable updating their own site. And, if it turns out they want nothing to do with technology, we’re also ready and waiting to do it for them. 

The Website

The new Navigate Adventure Vans website's home page is stunning!
Here’s part of the badass new Navigate Adventure Vans home page.

The site for Navigate Adventure Vans was built on a quick turnaround. Still, we didn’t want to cut corners for them at all. We wanted to make sure the site they got was a site they could use. 

During the build, we focused on a few key elements:

  • Usability
  • Analytics tracking
  • SEO optimization
  • Cross-platform performance

These were the biggest areas for improvement compared to the old site, so they were our main focus. Our team set up a Google Analytics account for Navigate Adventure Vans, input metadata and alt text for the site and its assets, and made sure the design was responsive and easy to navigate (get it?).

In the end, we wound up with a site that was visually appealing, along with being a business development tool and hub for lead generation. In short, it was exactly the upgrade Navigate Adventure Vans needed.


Since we’ve launched the new website, Navigate Adventure Vans has gotten tons of messages asking for more information about their services and wanting to purchase their own builds. The site serves as a centralized hub for the brand’s products, story, and even their FAQ. Users can easily navigate around the site to find out more about the services Navigate Adventure Vans offers, and when they’re ready, there’s a convenient little call to action waiting on the bottom of the page so they can get in touch.

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