2022 Social Media Marketing Trends

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HubSpot’s 2022 Social Media Trends report makes it clear we are in the age of the consumer and they want personalized content, faster services, better experiences and they want it yesterday. 

We dug into the 68 page report and pulled out what we feel are the most important takeaways. We highly encourage giving the entire report a read, it’s just that good. 

Side note: Stop cheaping out on social media support, it is a 24/7 job of monitoring, responding, posting and engaging. 


We’re not thrilled about this one, well maybe a few of us are, but TikTok continues to dominate. It has broken all the download records, 3 billion to be exact, and is the go-to app of consumers. 

What makes it difficult for social media managers is the vast amount of unknowns of the app. There is no set formula and success is not easily replicated. Companies will need to make TikTok creation a priority and set aside internal resources to take full advantage of the platform’s opportunities.


  • TikTok makes it easy to share content to other platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram. 
  • Users can apply for jobs directly through TikTok, just follow #TikTokResumes for more info.
  • Zuck, per usual, stole, ahem…took inspiration from the platform when creating Instagram Reels and Reddit just recently rolled out a video format incredibly similar to TikTok.

The app will continue to adapt as it grows with the integration of e-commerce and other features and services. 

Social Selling

Just the other day an Instagram influencer popped up in our feed showing off new styles from Ann Taylor with a link to shop. We were an easy sale, but they already knew that, which is the beauty of social commerce. Brands need to capture the sale where the consumer is at the moment and it’s most certainly on social media. 

69% of marketers plan to disburse more money on Instagram influencers than any other market this year. Influencers provide a huge opportunity for companies looking to align their products or services with relevant spokespeople who already have the attention of consumers.


  • Livestreams have become a popular way for consumers to interact and purchase products immediately.
  • Your visuals cannot suck, 70% of shoppers turn to Instagram to discover products and to stop these serial scrollers you need engaging imagery.
  • Consumers want personalized everything which means brands need to be responsive and keep the customer journey smooth.
  • Gotta simplify that checkout process, if we have to go through 10 steps to make a purchase…you just lost a sale.
  • User-generated content will always be your best bet as it generates trust while increasing engagement.

Personalized Content

Brands have to communicate in local and detailed terms, meaning they’re targeting consumers based on what is most relevant to them. In other words, you gotta tailor that content based on generation, location, gender, hobbies, etc. Our jobs just got a lot harder.


  • Do your research and dive into consumer insights so you know who you’re creating content for.
  • Explore audio and podcast creation and delve into live conversations with your audience.
  • Keep content digestible in length, form and style…oh and don’t forget to personalize it.

The Rise of the Influencer

Ok, they’ve already risen and they’ve been around for a while but now they’re even more powerful – oh goody. The pandemic has all of us living vicariously through influencers because we’re bored and can’t leave our homes which has led to the growth in variety and value of influencers. The sad fact is, influencers are able to reach consumers on a level many large brands simply cannot – with nearly half of consumers depending on influencer recs before purchasing.

Did we mention everyone is an influencer now? 


  • Say hello to the small influencer. Consumers are much more likely to trust influencers with smaller followings due to their relatablitiy. 
  • Before engaging with an influencer, define your goals – engagement, exposure, ecommerce? 
  • Be authentic, build deeper connections with influencers around value-driven content. 

Like we said, there is a lot more to the HubSpot 2022 Social Media Marketing Trends report, but we need a nap now so this is all you’re getting.

Biggest takeaway? You are not paying your social media team enough money, it’s a constantly changing industry and it is the first interaction your customers have with your brand. Don’t cheap out on something so important.

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