Planning for 2021 Marketing

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First thing’s first. If you missed part 1 of this blog, check it out here. Good to go? Okay.
Preparing for a new year is always stressful. Hell, we’re popping TUMS like our lives depend on it. They probably do.
To help ease you into 2021, we’ll map out the key components you need to factor into your marketing plan as they relate to tactics, metrics, employees and more.
Not to sound like a broken record, but COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, nor are the lessons we’ve learned from 2020. We’re talking lessons like working from home, technology non-negotiables, social restrictions…you get the drift. If you start out planning for a “normal” year, you’re already behind, cause normal doesn’t exist anymore.

Quick Wins

We are all about quick wins in 2021, considering we had to fight for every inch in 2020. Make time each week for the following:

  • Look at the numbers. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Check out your Google Analytics weekly. Look at the number of visitors, pages visited, where they originated from, etc. Open up your email marketing program and look at open rates and click-through rates. Analyze what topics and subjects resonated. Do the same thing with your social channels. What posts get the most engagement? Always look at the data.
  • Clean up your contacts. It’s gonna be boring and time-consuming, but do it. You’re only as good as the quality of the people you are communicating with. Segment your lists into your major audiences, and make sure you are targeting your messaging.
  • Read up on industry trends, world and local news. You can’t live under a rock, so set aside 15 minutes a day while you’re enjoying your morning coffee to get caught up.


Here are the trends you need to be aware of when you’re building out your marketing plan.

  • Video isn’t going anywhere, including Reels, TikTok, IGTV, etc. People crave entertaining, concise content. It’s a great way to build relationships with your customers, and relationships need to be your focus in 2021.
  • Get personal with your content and audience. Email volume is up considerably, so how the hell are you gonna stand out? Segment your audience, customize your content, use people’s names, and build landing pages. It’s the only way you’re going to stand out.
  • Marketing automation is key. We use HubSpot, and we highly encourage our clients to also utilize it for managing your sales pipeline, building automations, tracking metrics, creating campaigns…everything! We can help. It is daunting, but we got you.
  • Content is king. We hear from clients how time-consuming writing and generating content is, and they’re right. Too bad. It’s how potential customers find you and current customers stay engaged. You know how to reach us. We can help.


It might seem like an odd tactic or trend. However, you’ll want to define it. Your audience needs to know you care, you emphasize with them, you know what affects them on a daily basis, and you care enough to talk about it or integrate it into your marketing.
Emily McGuire of Flourish & Grit says it best.
In 2021, I think we’ll be seeing more social advocacy. More brands being aware that their participation in their community matters to customers. We’ll see that in their campaigns. We’ll see that in how they promote the hard work their employees do. We’ll see it in the causes and organizations they align their brand with. And most importantly, I think we’ll see more customer, human-centered marketing. Being authentic and speaking to your audience like REAL people will always win—especially during multiple crises.
If there is one thing you incorporate into your 2021 planning, make it people and relationships. It’s what matters most in this world.

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