The Ridiculous, the Insane and the Absolutely Bananas

2020-shaped balloons

We’ve slid into 2021 with our pants on fire. Now we’re crossing our fingers it will be incrementally better than 2020. We couldn’t enter this new year without reflecting back on the absolutely ridiculous, insane and absolutely banana-type shit we left back in 2020.
Here are our picks for the top batshit crazy happenings of last year.

Murder Hornets

As if Coronavirus wasn’t enough, enter the murder hornet. If you thought you were afraid of bees, think again, these guys came onto the scene and started ripping bee heads off. Did we mention they’re like two inches long? Gross.

Locusts Swarms

In June of 2020, massive locusts swarms descended on various countries in East Africa. The massive bugs gobbled up crops and damaged the agricultural industry. And yes, we said locusts, as in the 8th plague signifying the end of times. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Tiger King

The mascot of the pandemic emerged in March 2020. Can you believe that was less than a year ago? Shortly after, Carol Baskins was on Dancing with the Stars, too. WTF? Then in December, Joe Exotic requested legal assistance from Kim Kardashian and tried to get her to ask Trump for a pardon. This is better than fiction, you guys.

Sourdough Bread

Remember when you couldn’t find yeast to save your life because everyone and their mom was buying it to make bread? Yeah…weird times.


We don’t know how this got swept under the rug so quickly, but we had members of the Royal family defect in 2020!? (Insert our spit take of Earl Grey Tea.) In any normal year, we would still be talking about it, but Meghan Markle obviously knew something we didn’t. She said “peace” to the Queen at the right time.

Injecting Bleach

Being experts in the field of communication, we really know the true value of misinformation. Speaking of which, remember when our President encouraged us to inject bleach to kill COVID? One might even argue this was worse than the Tide Pod trend. The fact that we are comparing two dumb things really speaks for 2020.

Mysterious Monoliths

Giant metal monoliths started appearing around the world, and we still don’t know why. What’s even more amazing is it wasn’t weird enough, so we’ve already forgotten about it. 2020 was wild.

Confirmed UFOs

If it had been any other year, this would probably be the number one thing on our list. But c’mon. It was 2020. Still, did you notice the Pentagon releasing videos of UFO sightings? Because we did!

Flights to Nowhere

When people stopped traveling, airlines got desperate. Royal Brunei Airlines created a “flight to nowhere.” Guests would get on the plane, take off, eat airline food, and then land right where they started. Did we mention it sold out? What the hell…

Elon Musk’s and Grimes’ Baby Name

We know. We almost forgot about that, too. But we’d love to bring back X Æ A-12 again…except California made them legally change it to X Æ A-Xii. Apparently, numbers aren’t allowed in names. Who knew? Did Anyone add this to their baby name list this year? It’s pretty catchy once you know how to say it (okay, you caught us. We still don’t know how to pronounce it at all).
We know this list isn’t all-encompassing, and we would LOVE to develop a part 2. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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