8THIRTYFOUR Quarantine Diaries

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Quarantine has been a rollercoaster for our team. From therapy to new career ambitions to animal bonding, we’ve really grown. Since we know everyone is overly interested in our day-to-day lives (we mean, Kim really should have a reality TV show) we are sharing our quarantine diaries.

Bri, PR Specialist

Much to the excitement of our team, Bri learned to read and now incorporates it into her nightly routine after she works out for approximately 4.5 hours. Way to go, Bri! She’s also doing couples therapy with Erica. Moving in together has been a challenge for their friendship. Here’s hoping they can work through their emotional baggage. Keep them in your thoughts.

Chelsea, Creative Lead

Chelsea has become addicted to her InstaPot, and she spends hours scouring the internet and pinning to Pinterest. She is now forcing her recipes on the rest of the team, which has become a source of tension. If you didn’t know, Chelsea has a very domineering personality. She is also focusing more on relaxing and virtual happy hours, while her fiancé, Tyler, rehabs the backyard and tackles house renovations. 

Jen, President

During quarantine, Jen came to the realization she is much better in person than via phone or video. This was especially apparent during a video call when she took her computer to the restroom with her (don’t worry, no one saw anything). She’s also become more in touch with her feelings through journaling and long walks in the woods with her Doberman, Diesel. They’ve really bonded. It’s been a beautiful thing to witness.

Delaney, Communications Associate

Delaney has also embraced therapy during quarantine and enrolled herself in anger management classes. We are thrilled she is getting the help she needs, after our latest intervention. She also discovered the outdoors and has gotten lost countless times walking around her neighborhood. We finally put a tracker on her. She writes about her adventures in her bullet journal. 

Amy, Office Manager

When Amy isn’t parenting her three biological children, she is busy taking Delaney, Bri and Erica back and forth to therapy. She also took on a second job at Burger King to help out her eldest son during his shifts. Amy also started a nonprofit to assist those recovering from quarantine haircuts. You can reach out to her at 1-800-HLP-MYHAIR.

Ric, Digital Lead

Ric has mastered parkour and is often seen scaling buildings in downtown Grand Rapids. She was also adopted by a cat named Lady, after being rejected by multiple dogs. We’re thrilled they’ve found each other. Ric and Lady have also started therapy, as they learn to navigate the cat/human relationship. Lady is still working on her video call skills.

Ro, Account Manager

While the rest of us were in therapy, Ro became a horticulturist and turned their house into a greenhouse. They also became a world-renowned Dungeon Master and are currently in high-demand. Ro also discovered their love of exercise and achieved their black belt in karate.

Kim, Principal 

While the rest of the world was baking sourdough and banana bread, Kim has spent her time avoiding all delicious treats and started Keto-ing. After realizing AA wasn’t for her, Kim has become a bodybuilder and does squats anytime she thinks about having a virtual happy hour; her thighs are almost the size of her Dobermans. We couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s also received a promotion as the office IT Director for managing to recover her laptop after dumping a gallon of water all over it. Her next project is to improve the 8THIRTYFOUR work culture after realizing all of her employees are in therapy. 

As you can see, our team has changed considerably during quarantine, and we’re looking forward to showcasing our newfound skills when we see you again in person.

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