Offset Lost Revenue with Marketing Automation

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The past few months have been rough on a lot of business’ bottom lines. More than likely, you’ve taken a hit revenue wise and are working your ass off to get cash flow where it needs to be. We get it. We’ve invested heavily into our marketing automation platform, SharpSpring, by launching multiple lead generation campaigns, automating components of our sales process and monitoring, monitoring and monitoring.

Marketing Automation Basics

Marketing automation uses sales and marketing software to automatically keep in touch and send information to potential sales leads or your existing customers. This could include email messages, social media posts, blog content, point-and-click ads and other customizable applications like chatbots. The great thing about SharpSpring is it becomes your sales team, without the hefty salary and lack of results. The investment is small, and the return is big. 

Why Automate?

People always ask us what the benefits of marketing automation are. That’s easy:

  1. Drive more leads
  2. Convert those leads into sales
  3. Maximize marketing spend

According to a very important study, 80% of marketing automation users saw their amount of leads increase, and 77% saw their number of conversions increase. Furthermore, companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates

Tailor to Your Audience

Sales is all about relationships and tailoring the right message to each customer segment. Your customers are inundated with information, so tailoring your marketing collateral to their particular needs will draw their attention. By tracking spending habits, online behavior, and social interactions, marketing automation software pinpoints exactly how you should target your efforts and design communications that create impressions. Don’t get overwhelmed. This is where we come in. We set up SharpSpring for your business, and we provide multiple support options from basic to fully managed. You can’t afford to not drive leads. Sales don’t fall from the sky. You have to nurture them.

Download our support package options below and get a hold of us. We’ll customize a strategy that fits your needs and goals.


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