(Some of the) Best GR Patios

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Aaah…summer. We know Michigan summer looks different this year due to quarantine, social distancing, masks and limited togetherness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Grand Rapids patios.
We especially love that Grand Rapids created social zones to give our local restaurants more room to serve our community and offset the revenue loss of cutting capacity. You can read more about the social zones here. 
Our team gets into some heated debates on the best patios, as well as the best sides of town. We would love to hear your favorites. Send them to digital@8thirtyfour.com.
Below are just a few of our favorites. If you choose to visit one of these amazing businesses, respect the mask rule, a.k.a. don’t be a dick.

Eastown/Cherry Hill

The Prickly Pear margarita is “to die for” at Donkey and is a perfect match with their guac. As one member of the team says, “bury me in their guac.” We have never been known for our subtleness. 
The Outside Coffee Co. is literally (yes, we overuse this word) the coolest place to hang out. Grab your dog and head there for coffee, snacks and lots of social distancing. We’re seriously bummed we didn’t think of this idea, and can we please live in your trailer?

West Side

Hello, Butcher’s Union. Their inside patio is pretty damn unique. It’s hard to get a seat there, but if you go during the week, you’ll have better luck. Also, get their Paloma. You can thank us later.
Looking to hang out and buy drinks from a shipping container? We have just the place for you—The Sovengard, located right across the street from Butcher’s Union. We basically just set you up for a pub crawl. 

Northeast Side

Perhaps a little known gem on the Northeast side is Brickyard Tavern, formerly known as JD Reardons. The menu is amazing, and the outdoor patio overlooks the condo pool. You’re very tempted to just jump in. 
Looking for the best tacos and some amazing beer? Head on over to CityBuilt Brewing. Get the Barbacoa taco. That’s not a suggestion. That’s a demand.
We know this isn’t a comprehensive list, and we suggest you check out TwoGuys Brewing, Bud & Stanley’s, and many many more.
If you’re looking for a guided tour, get ahold of us. We’ll bring our own mask. 

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