Part 3: Our Integrated Process

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Our integrated communications process is the stuff of legends. People have been talking about it for a decade. It’s even been written about in our history books.

Okay, so none of that is true, but it should be. 

The process is so extensive, we had to write about it in 3 blogs. The first blog talked about assembling your team and research. The second covered strategy and implementation. This one is going to look at measurement and adapting as needed.

Step 4B: Analyze

Data is at the core of all that we do. We determine metrics in the strategy portion of our process and then review in the reporting step. Each month, we offer insights and recommendations for moving forward. If goals are not being met, we sit down as a team and take a deep dive into the numbers. It’s when we ask ourselves the following:

  1. What is not performing? 
  2. Is it the targeting?
  3. Messaging?
  4. Design?
  5. Should we adjust tactics?
  6. What is happening locally, nationally or globally that could be skewing or affecting results? You know…like a pandemic. In our blog, Marketing Strategies on the Move, we discuss the need for your strategy to be fluid. 

We ask ourselves these questions and more to map out the best way to move forward.

Step 4C: Adapt

We’ve identified the factors that are impacting success. Now we’re gonna pivot (we just love this word) and start implementing the new tactics and approach. Once we’ve developed the new creative, messaging, targeting, landing pages…the list goes on, we launch and we observe. We’ll make little adjustments each week as we look at the data so we can ensure it’s all effective, but data also takes time. We don’t have a set time frame, but our approach is to look at the numbers weekly, analyze trends monthly, and quarterly is when we make “big changes.” The three-month time frame gives us enough data to identify and analyze trends and then make a plan for moving forward. 
This process and these steps are proven. You can ask any of our clients or give us a call. We’re happy to chat on a Zoom call or from six feet away.

If you’re also looking for an explanation of integrated communications and are curious how you add up, click here to download our Marketing on a Shoestring Budget eBook.

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