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Hey. Stop scrolling on Facebook for like one second and listen up. Social media is a great way to reach your audience and show off your branding (if you don’t like your branding, we should talk). People ask us all the time about the ROI of social media. Can you make money off of it? Is it only for selfies and cat memes? Since we’re not into cats (sorry Ro), lets chat money. Here are some tips to garner qualified leads through social media and turn your impressions into revenue.
Side Note: To know if the below is working, you need to have tracking set up and you need to be analyzing it constantly.


The first step to finding leads on social is to post something worth reading. Social media can feel like shouting into the void, cause it kind of is.

Make relevant, shareable content. It can be as simple as industry facts or an in-depth case study and testimonial. Your team members are the experts at what they do. Capture that knowledge and prove to the world that you know what the heck you’re talking about.

Also, showcase your team and where you are throughout the week, people want relatable content.


And we’re not just talking Facebook. Take LinkedIn, for example. The statistics about how often people share relevant, engaging LinkedIn content are surprisingly good. Don’t underestimate the value of that reach, especially if you’re trying to land smack dab in front of business decision makers.

By publishing articles through LinkedIn with a call-to-action, you are directing people to your website where they will then see how truly awesome you are. Need help with your website, we got you.


On the LinkedIn note, they recently announced live-streaming for pages. Do you have a live-streaming strategy? Do you have a video strategy? What about infographics? Images? Events?

Your audience is busy, and they might not want to watch a 30-minute video or read a ten-page white paper – no one has that amount of time. Repurpose your content into a format that works best for them and share it on the platforms where they are. The short version? Give them what they want where they want it.


Be memorable.  This helps cut through the clutter of what can otherwise be just another tweet that’s fighting for attention. When your posts have flare, people care. Yeah, that rhymed…

If you speak your audience’s language, they’re going to feel better about getting in contact with you. People do business with people they like.


When people reach out to you, make it as easy as possible. Is your phone number listed on your profiles (is it even a number you answer)? Do you respond to comments quickly? Do you remember to check your direct messages? Please remember to do this.

Remember that the first interaction with you can determine how a person thinks about you forever. Respond promptly, professionally, and with a follow-up plan to convert and onboard those customers.
Overwhelmed? Talk to the experts who are also personable and reachable. That’s right. You guessed it. We mean us!

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