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This blog started out being about our core value, “We are not assholes,” but we’re gonna pivot and discuss strategy. We don’t like to give away our secret sauce, but we’re not worried anyone can duplicate it…we’re just too good (and humble). Here is the deal: so many companies want to skip the planning and strategy and go straight to the implementation. We admire your gung ho’ness but slow down. This approach is like throwing shit at the wall to see what will stick. It’s messy, time-consuming and, frankly, doesn’t add up to shit. If you hire the right communications company­–us–the process can be relatively painless, but it requires your participation and feedback. Check out our blog on deadlines. We call our process the 8THIRTYFOURmula (we’re still working on the name, give us a break). It follows very specific steps. Since our process is pretty comprehensive, we’re gonna break this blog into two parts. This is the first one, in case numbers are hard for you.

Step 1: Meet Your Amazing Team

You’ve gotta like who you’re going to work with. We dive real deep into your business model, so if you don’t like us, it’s gonna be painful. We’re unique in the fact that you always have a member of our leadership as point. But don’t worry. We let you work with the rest of our amazing team, too. We know that marketing isn’t what you wake up thinking about every morning. We do, and we’ve got this.

Step 2: Develop a Kickass Strategy

There is a lot that falls under this section. To create a kickass strategy, we research the shit out of everything. That includes your competitors, culture, business process, current communication, customers and more. Before we dive into the research, we ask for two hours of your time and we glean (pull) all the information we can out of you and your leadership team.

Don’t worry, we provide booze, if you’re into that sort of thing. We chat decision-makers, SWOT, sales process, success, competitors, pain points and more. It’s basically therapy for business owners.
The research comes next to build on what we’ve learned. We then jump into writing and developing strategies: messaging, marketing and branding (if needed). It isn’t one size fits all. It’s sized to fit your company.
We’ll talk about our favorite part of our process in our next blog. Hint: it’s delivering badass results. It’s kind of what sets us apart.

Want help? Or just to sit down with us for a few hours and share all your hopes and dreams? Give us a call or email. The boss lady would love to chat with you.

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