Pesky Deadlines

‘ello! Boss lady here. Today, I want to chat about time management and the absolute evil necessity of deadlines. Deadlines are the worst. They are always hanging over your head. They’re seriously annoying…am I right? Here is why your wonderful, charming, intelligent marketing agency sets those arbitrary deadlines (by the way, I am using “arbitrary” ironically): we have a process and a system and I am very smart. Oh shoot, I lost my train of thought.
Back to deadlines. We were talking about those, right?

Making marketing a priority

I know we are the only people that think about marketing 24/7. That’s why you hire us; you don’t want to deal with it.
Our job is to make your marketing a priority. It’s also why we are aggressive communicators…like really aggressive. It means we email, text, call, ambush and send carrier pigeons. We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity because we weren’t forceful enough in getting your attention. We know the end of the year is a pain in everyone’s ass with tax prep, budgeting, and holiday parties. Our job is to ensure you are set for 2020. That means we need to get that strategy set and ready for kickoff when January 1 rolls around.

You will drag it out forever

If there isn’t a timeline you need to adhere to, we will be working on the same project for six months longer than we need to be. Trust us, it’s happened. If you hire us, you get a team that hustles. We don’t drag projects out for more money. That’s why we have fixed rates and don’t charge hourly. We do, however, want to knock shit out in the allotted and agreed-upon timeline. We are an agency that lives for processes…I mean, we process the shit out of everything. Pretty odd for a creative firm, right? Those processes include a set timeline for delivering branding, strategies, creative, web…you name it. However, if we don’t receive approval and feedback in a timely manner, we have to push your project out. That’s because we’ve got lots of people in line for kickoff. See the issue?

Lean on me 🎵

The best part of hiring 8THIRTYFOUR–besides the fact that we are funny, kind, generous–is we need very little input from you. Once you sign off on something, we are off to the races. If you don’t have time for something, we got you. Just reach out to us and we’ll troubleshoot the sitch. We get you rocking and rolling before you can say, “8THIRTYFOUR is the best thing that ever happened to my company.” Thank you for reading our PSA. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing it. If you need something, reach out. We are your award-winning marketing department.
P.S. This blog was due last week and I am writing it the night before it is set to post. We all need a reminder to stay on top of things, including me.

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