Client Love: Rx Optical

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Rx Optical, a leading eye care provider in Michigan, is deeply proud of their history in the Great Lakes state, and they pride themselves on creating exceptional experiences for each and every patient. They are also dedicated to promoting inspiring, sustainable careers for their team members.

Michigan Roots

Rx Optical was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1947 to provide the local community with glasses frames and a variety of eye care services. From there, Rx Optical grew and expanded throughout the state of Michigan, and, eventually, across state lines into Indiana. Rx Optical now has 54 offices. Their team embodies true Midwest values and hospitality and has carried that with them to every location they have opened.
The Rx Optical team’s commitment to providing their patients with the highest level of care possible is a step above the rest. Both the staff and patients are treated as though they are one big family. Patients are more than just a number to Rx Optical, and they don’t open a new location in a new city or town unless they know they can provide true value for that community.

Team 8THIRTYFOUR + Rx Optical

When Rx Optical and 8THIRTYFOUR started working together several years ago, our team created a strategic plan that had measurable goals for the year ahead, and long into the future.
Our team got to work right away by assisting with social media and website development and helping to share Rx Optical’s story, including the amazing things they are doing in our state, through targeted media outreach.
This past year, the team at Rx Optical had set goals that included increasing brand awareness in new communities, educating their current and future patients on the importance of routine eye care, and increasing website traffic and engagement.

Crushing Goals

In 2018 we not only reached yearly goals that were set by Rx Optical, but we exceeded expectations and were extremely pleased to see record-setting numbers at the end of the year.
Through continued implementation of SEO best practices and utilizing strong keywords, blog views were up 194% in 2018. By increasing social media post frequency, adding in unique and creative content, and further engaging with followers, Rx Optical’s Facebook engagement saw an increase of 1,000% in 2018.
Additionally, our team at 8THIRTYFOUR secured 17 pieces of earned media for Rx Optical in 2018 and established strong relationships with many top news stations throughout the state.

What’s Next?

Be sure to keep an eye out on your local news channel for expert Rx Optical doctors and staff, as they have become the go-to eye care experts in many markets. In addition to timely and educational eye care blogs, like the best foods for your eye health, the team will also be covering great things to do in the state of Michigan throughout every season.
Rx Optical is getting ready to share more of their unique history and culture this year and we can’t wait to play a vital role in sharing that story. Team 8THIRTYFOUR is looking forward to another productive and successful year with Rx Optical.
If your current marketing efforts aren’t hitting the mark, or you aren’t sure what goals you should be setting, let’s connect on how our talented team can help.

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