Color Palettes for the Winter Season

Three color palette inspired by different images of winter

Now that the holidays are far behind us, it’s time to move past the tacky in-your-face reds and greens that we associate with the season and head towards modernized, soft color palettes that are perfect for the remainder of the winter season. We gave you rich and inviting colors in the fall, and with the new season comes a new look!

With the help of Adobe Color, our design team has crafted three cozy winter color palettes that will help keep you warm until spring. Unlike extremely energizing palettes in the summer, these cool color combinations will motivate you to grab your favorite book, coziest sweater, and warmest (spiked) beverage and head straight to the couch…. Or, better yet, to 8THIRTYFOUR’s ultra-cozy Nothing Party on February 19th.


A green, gray, and blue palette inspired by eucalyptus and mint

This calming color palette is inspired by the eucalyptus plant. The soft greens paired with a minty blue reminds us of the famous scent combination, which is known to relieve stress. This color scheme is sure to take the edge off the seemingly never-ending Midwest winter season.


A pink, black, and gray color palette inspired by a winter sunset on a mountain

This palette gives us a soothing pop of color that’s not too overwhelming. With its purples, pinks, and pale blue, can visualize the colors of a sunset peacefully glistening against a snowcapped mountain. 


A winter color palette inspired by a candle inside of a rose gold holder

This is the question we’ve been asking ourselves all year long (or at least the one month we’ve had so far in 2019). Although we are cheating a bit by including a metallic in this color palette, we are loving the rose gold paired with all of the neutrals.
Are you looking to add a little more color in your life? Are you in need of a design team that has a knack for finding the perfect color palette to complement your look? Reach out to us today and let’s chat about your next seasonal design project!

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