Our Favorite Winter Activities in Grand Rapids

Purple and blue triangles overlay a winter forest scene.

When winter hits Michigan, it hits hard. The last few weeks have seen some of the crazy winter weather that our Mitten State is known for. With all that blustering snow, it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of fun winter activities in Grand Rapids.
So grab your coat and put on some gloves, because we’re about to inspire you to get out of the house. Trust us. Check out our favorite activities below:

Sipping Lattes at Outside Coffee Co.

Michigan winters can be absolutely brutal, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. But what do you do when you want to see the snow but sip your coffee, too?
Enter Outside Coffee Co. They’re just what their name sounds like: a coffee shop that’s run out of a vintage trailer in a beautiful outdoor space. Recently, they’ve added some beautiful heated geo domes to their property, so you can snuggle up and sip away without freezing your fingers off.
Next time you need a good way to warm up, swing by Outside Coffee Co. to enjoy the atmosphere that comes from the great outdoors, even in winter. (And did we mention that you can bring your dogs, too?! What are you waiting for?)

Cracking a Beer at Elk Brewing

The only thing better than a delicious beer or playing a fun, vintage board game is drinking a delicious beer WHILE playing a fun, vintage board game. Elk Brewing on Wealthy is a great spot to cozy up for the day with friends during the colder months. They have awesome beer options and a selection of classic board games that you can bring to your table.
Yes, their Connect 4 set may be missing a few yellow pieces, and the Guess Who game is almost faded beyond recognition, but we promise you’ll have fun. Also, they have snacks! Seriously, you can’t go wrong here.

Ice Skating at Rosa Parks Circle

Watch Rosa Parks Circle transform into a winter wonderland when cold weather comes to town. The circle gets iced over to make a skating rink, and the trees around the circle are draped in lights. With all of that festive atmosphere, you know it’s going to be a good time.
Grab your friends and head down any day of the week. Wednesday-Sunday have later hours so you can skate under the stars! Admission is less than $5 and you can rent skates for free.
The rink can get a little packed on weekend nights, so if you don’t feel like waiting in line, hop over to Flannigan’s or the B.O.B. Both buildings are only a minute walk away from the rink and you can enjoy some yummy food and delicious drinks.

Climbing Walls at Terra Firma Bouldering Co.

The perfect way to warm up in the winter (and boost your happiness) is to get up and move around, or better yet, climb things. Terra Firma Bouldering Co. is a bouldering gym in Grand Rapids that radiates playful energy as soon as you walk through the door. The staff and fellow climbers are welcoming, and there are routes for all skill levels. The gym is open and spacious, almost as if you’re outside, but without the dreadful weather.

When All Else Fails…

We won’t blame you if you take a day to stay in. Dog snuggling is a full time job, and it takes no time off during the winter. Sitting in front of a fire, with your drink of choice, surrounded by A LOT of dogs while reading anything written about Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a great way to do winter. This activity can be enjoyed with others, too! Consult your doctor if side effects occur.
Need another reason to leave your house? We’ll buy you a drink! Connect with us today about how we can help bring your business to the next level.

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