Tips for Surviving Your Holiday Parties

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Listen, we know the holidays can sometimes be tough. As if traveling for hours in holiday traffic, fighting through lines at the mall to find last-minute gifts, and donning itchy, festive sweaters isn’t bad enough, a lot of us will be forced to spend time with a few less-than-desirable characters at mandatory family parties.
Do not fear! Since we know that trying to explain to your Great Aunt Bernice, for the 47th time, that you are indeed okay with the fact that you’re still single at 31 can be exhausting, we have cultivated a full list of resources that will help you survive your upcoming holiday parties. You can thank us later.

Avoiding Dangerous Conversations

As much as some of us would love to sit in silence at certain holiday get-togethers, light conversation will likely be necessary.
This handy list from the New York Post dives into topics that are safe, or not, to discuss throughout the evening. Hint: politics is not safe.
If you will be with a crowd that appreciates humor and you want to stay away from touchy subjects, check out this comprehensive list of 362 party conversation topics from GizModo.
If you’re looking for super “safe” topics that will likely hold off World War III from starting between your two uncles, The Spruce has a list that can get a conversation started without anyone getting offended*.
Want to play it really safe? We recommend printing out a list of what you are willing to talk about, for example: dogs, wine, and cheese. Laminate said list and tape it to your back so no one ever brings up topics you don’t want to talk about. That’s how holiday parties work, right?
*we cannot guarantee that people will not be offended.

Stay Entertained

After all the “safe” conversation topics have been covered once over (or twice over), you’ll need to find something to do. Games are a great way to have some fun, but let’s be honest, who can remember to toss in three board games and a deck of cards in the midst of packing up your entire car with food, dogs, and kids before your trek to Aunt Sandy’s?
We recommend downloading the following apps on your phone or computer so that the entertainment lives in your back pocket with no extra packing required:

  • Quiplash: This game has no rules and no correct answers. What could go wrong?
  • Heads Up!: This game came from the brain of Ellen DeGeneres, so you know it’s good. With many categories, everyone has a chance to win!
  • Reverse Charades: A fun twist on a classic game may leave your grandma confused, but hey, it’s all part of the fun. This game allows for 2-4 teams so no one has to sit out.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

If Worse Comes to Worst…

Sometimes, even after every effort to avoid it, touchy topics will come up, and things can get a little hairy. Because, hey, it’s family. If the worst happens, here’s a life hack for you: set up a phone-a-friend situation. No, really.
Plan ahead of time to have a friend give you a call two hours into the party with a fake emergency. Depending on your current party status, you can either tell the friend that you’re all set and play it off, or you can take the bait and scoot on out. This will be our little secret.
Our team is here for you, whether it is for tips on surviving holiday parties or crushing your next marketing campaign. We hope your holidays go smoothly and that you’re able to relax and have a little fun.
Want to hang with us in the new year? Reach out to us today and set up time to snag coffee or a beer. Cheers!

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