The Power of Positivity at Work

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September 13 is National Positive Thinking Day (we know, we know, everything gets a day, but this is one we are excited to celebrate!).
Science has shown that humans are wired to be negative thinkers. We naturally evaluate worst-case scenarios in order to survive, a product of intelligent human design. While it is important to go through life paying attention to what is around you, it is equally important to thoughtfully recognize when you are just being negative because it is easy (and natural).
At our firm, we are very mindful about staying positive. The world of communications can bring on some really challenging days and is created by the unexpected. But, our clients trust us to crush it, even when things seem to be falling apart.
Here are our tips on maintaining a positive work space, even when things are crazy:
1. Communicate
Our team gathers three times a week to check in on projects, but to also do a personal temperature check. If a team member is tackling a really full week or trying to solve an issue, talking about it as a team ensures we maintain a positive outlook and can support that person.
Openly communicating about something a person is struggling with helps head off spiraling into negativity about the challenge.
2. Language Matters
This may come a little easier for our team of bomb-ass communicators, but we are really selective about the language we use when talking about challenges.
Note how we say “challenges” – not issues, or problems. We like to talk about solutions and opportunities.
Framing our conversations with positive language makes a huge difference. Pay attention to how your team talks about moments that are challenging, and identify how you can use the right words to support positive conversations.
3. Set Expectations
We have shared different Core Values in past blogs, because they are our favorite. These five tenants are so key to who we are and how we function as a team.
One of our favorite Core Values is “We are not assholes”. We are kind to each other, our clients, and ourselves, every day. This value also reinforces the need to bring a positive perspective to situations because being an asshole is not an option.
People thrive in a positive environment, and we want every member of our team to love coming into our awesome office every day.
The best part? Science has also shown that you can in fact train your brain to be more positive. The key part of this, of course, is practice. We believe in you!
Go forth and be positive.

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