Is Facebook Dying?

A person browses Facebook on their laptop

Short answer? Hell no.
Facebook has engrained itself so deeply in the roots of modern society. Name another brand so universally known and used. Go ahead. We dare you.

  • 68% of American adults (and 22% of the entire human population) have a Facebook account (via Supply Gem)
  • 1.56 of Facebook users log onto the site every single day  (via Supply Gem)

You may be annoyed with Mark, but the ‘Book isn’t going anywhere.  Aside from the numbers, here’s why:

The Connections

Facebook keeps you in touch with (old) friends, and give you 24/7 access to others. This is how the platform started, and it has remained the core driver of its success.
If you need to find someone, or want to stay connected with a new friend you met last night, Facebook is your default.
Facebook has offered a scalable database and connection to almost everyone you know – instantly. For another platform to become the default would take some serious investment coupled with a major cultural shift.

The Adaptability

Algorithm updates that prioritize friends’ content over businesses’, and video content over shared links, are no accident. This is a response to the types of content that users are engaging with most, indicating that it is what they wanted to see.
Mark listened, and adapted the platform.
Look at how recent transparency scandals have resulted in better privacy practices, and how the recent updates have placed more weight behind Events and placed more tools back into the hands of small businesses.
The social giant has proven its ability to adapt and respond to changing online habits and demands from its users. Albeit, they don’t always get there before pissing everyone off, but they eventually do, and then users move on to asking for other changes.

The Competition

Sure, you can find stats on certain demographics of users spending more time on other platforms. We’re not arguing that. LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube: these platforms all boast impressive user-bases and engagement rates, particularly with certain demographics.
However, they don’t compete with Facebook on a global scale, and they serve different purposes. It’s not Instagram or Facebook. It’s Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Isn’t Invincible

All of this being said, Facebook has its weaknesses. Currently, it struggles to engage younger audiences and it has found itself in a shitstorm of fake news and privacy concerns. But chances are high that this is an unfortunate blip on the radar of Facebook’s lifespan.
The ‘Book is by no means invincible, but until someone offers a better solution to achieve and compete with all of this, and users are willing to buy into a social media revolution, Facebook is certainly not dying.

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