The Power of Positivity

Signs in the 8THIRTYFOUR office read, "You've got this" and "Follow that dream."

A positive mindset is a powerful mindset, especially in the workplace. It is also quite contagious. That’s why at 8THIRTYFOUR we actively cultivate a welcoming, positive environment for our team members and anyone who walks through the door. Promoting positivity boosts your overall well-being, helping to increase productivity, happiness, and lessen stress professionally as well as personally.
Here are 5 of 8THIRTYFOUR’s top tips to create a more positive and pleasant work environment (that we live by, and value every day!):


You know the saying, “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile?” It’s true! A smile is such an easy, small adjustment towards bringing positive energy to the room. It sounds so simple, but a genuine smile can change your mood, and the mood of others.


Showing your gratitude towards others (and yourself) goes a long way. Making a habit to give a simple thank you shows your co-workers that their work is recognized and valued. Also, step back regularly, and reflect on your contributions to your organization. Giving yourself a pat on the back will bring positive energy into your mind, give you confidence, and motivate you to continue working hard.


The words you choose to use are truly important. Words are powerful, so it is vital to speak your mind in an optimistic and constructive way. This will change the way your listeners accept your feedback. Words of encouragement and respect will lead to a happier environment.


Appreciate the little things that bring good energy to the office amongst the stress of meetings and deadlines. Aside from a simple thank you, play music that makes you happy. Snuggle a furry friend (we have lots of those here). Get up and walk around a bit if you are glued to your desk for too long. Hang up décor that inspires you. Track compliments from clients. Top off your co-worker’s coffee mug with a fresh batch. Encourage a fun culture amongst employees. Speaking of culture…


Our positive culture here at 8THIRTYFOUR starts with healthy relationships fostered amongst our team members. Regular check-ins, social gatherings, and networking events with co-workers help to build trust and respect within the team.
Want to work with a welcoming team with bad-ass talent? Call us, we’d love to grab coffee and talk about how we crush it in our positive work environment.

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