Farewell AdWords, Welcome Google Ads

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AdWords, Google’s platform that has been serving you ads for the last 18 years, is being replaced. Google announced last week that over the course of July they will be phasing out AdWords.
So, what does this mean for your ads, data, and online presence? We’ll break down what we know today, and we’ll answer all of your remaining questions after the Google Marketing Live event we will be tuned into on July 10th.

What’s Replacing AdWords?

AdWords is being replaced by Google Ads. This is obviously more than just a name change. What we know so far is that the Google Ads platform will introduce new campaign types and offer specific solutions for small businesses. It will also be even more integrated with the rest of their marketing tools. Since we love data here, we’re really excited.

The New Google Marketing Platform

Google Ads is the biggest news from this announcement, but the announcement of the Google Marketing Platform is just as exciting to us, even if it is still shrouded in some mystery. Google has billed this platform as a brand-new collaborative and integrated service.  Some of the platforms included will be Analytics 360, DoubleClick Digital Marketing, Display & Video 360, and likely more. This is something we will be keeping a close eye on to create opportunities for our clients.

Focusing on Transparency

There’s no doubt the Google saw Facebook’s recent transparency debacle and realized that they could be next. With this upcoming change, they are putting an increased focus on making sure that everyone knows why ads are being shown to them. Not only is Google making it clear to the audiences viewing the ads why they are there, they are attempting to make it easier for marketers to understand as well.
This change is huge – the largest change from this ad giant in nearly 20 years – and we will be keeping you in the know as more information is releases. Remember to check back with us after July 10th for part two, where we explain what happened at the Google Marketing Live conference.
We understand that this change is a lot to digest, so if you need help unpacking what this might mean for your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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