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In 2000, Global Faith Network (GFN) was established as a Christian non-profit 501 c3 with the mission of improving health, education and economic conditions for children and families in Vietnam. Over the years, the organization has touched thousands of lives and has since moved their efforts to Guatemala.
Today, GFN is actively partnering with Guatemalan organizations to engage people with resources, education, daycare, vocational training, and more, in order to create sustainable communities.


As Global Faith Network continued to grow, it identified the need for a brand and website refresh to best accomplish their goals and optimize their outreach.
It’s important to be mindful of brand consistency when doing a refresh. Since Global Faith Network was already a recognized organization with global influence, we wanted to remain consistent in their style and mission while modernizing their brand in a way that would set it apart in today’s market.


We revisited their brand identity and articulated their organization’s unique attributes:

  • Compassionate
  • International
  • Faith-based
  • Grassroots
  • Completely not-for-profit (every single dollar is donated to their cause)

We knew that GFN’s website would be critical in supporting this re-freshed brand identity, so the goals of the new site were identified as:

  • Exemplify the brand’s philosophy
  • Encourage long-term relationships with donors and community members
  • Increase donations

The new website we built for GFN showcases the impact they’ve had and highlights the great work being done by the local Guatemalan ministries. It has generated brand awareness, increased site engagement metrics, and optimized their mission.


The design needed to be modern, easy for all audiences to grasp, and timeless. The homepage was designed to give visitors information about Global Faith Network in an easy to read manner so they can easily navigate to other information as desired.
Statistics that represent the success of the work that Global Faith Network does were included next to their mission, so it is easy for visitors to connect the cause with the results.
website statistics
Another process within the site that creates an engaging opportunity for the user is the donation page.
We made it easy for potential donors to find the donation page, as well as make it a seamless experience to donate. The entire process can be completed on the site, making the donation process much easier for users.

To say we are proud of this work is an understatement. Thank you, Global Faith Network, for the opportunity to partner with your cause and support your great work.
If your organization is in need of a strategic website or brand update, let’s connect!

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