So You Think You Want a Billboard

A billboard reads, "What is your goal? 8THIRTYFOUR"

Our client roster is comprised of absolute rock stars: great companies with awesome people doing incredible work.
That said, we always love the opportunity to grow our family, and are often asked to connect with potential new clients. In our work, potential business leads arrive in various ways (we have literally had people walk into our office unannounced asking for marketing help – and we don’t mind, especially if they are carrying wine or brownies), however, it usually starts with a call, email, meeting us at an event, or contacting us through our website.
Similarly, the actual requests of potential clients vary: some companies know they need help and they don’t know where to start, and some potential clients reach out with extremely specific tactics, like for example, billboards.
We don’t know if it is the perceived highly visible nature, the sheer size, or honestly, what exactly compels so many people to boil down their marketing needs to billboards, but it happens enough that here we are writing a blog about it.
And, we don’t mind, really, because every time the phone rings with a well-meaning person on the line asking us to design a billboard, it is a great opportunity for us to ask one of our favorite questions: “What is your goal?”.
Sometimes, once we have a better understanding of the company and what they hope to achieve, we agree that a billboard is a great tactic (or more often, the company has signed a contract for a long period of time and needs a design to make a production deadline – also totally fair.)
The next time you find yourself careening down the highway admiring a billboard and thinking that your company should use one to market yourself, stop it and pay attention to driving.
Then, when you are safely back at your desk, identify:

  1. What are my company’s marketing goals?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. How do I best reach my target audience?

While this list may look simple, we know from experience that clearly articulating marketing goals, understanding the desires and motivations of key decision makers, and getting in front of those people in meaningful ways takes a lot of research, strategy, and understanding.
If your current marketing efforts aren’t getting you to where you want to be, we would love to help! Before you call a billboard company, contact us. Let’s crush your goals and create real results.

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