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When you work as hard as we do, our team often finds solace in nature and the shores of Pure Michigan. There is nothing like summer in the midwest to unplug, relax and take in the majestic sites of our great state.
Earth Day is the perfect time to turn a spotlight on our woods, rivers, streams, lakes and beaches. Read up on why Earth Day is so important and be sure to do your part in protecting what makes Michigan the gem that it is.
Let your mind take you to the beautiful places we have listed below; make it a priority to get there this summer – we promise you won’t regret it.
Emily – Lake Michigan Overlook on Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.
There is something otherworldly about the Lake Michigan Overlook. Being 450 feet above Lake Michigan, with sweeping views that go on for miles, is something that takes your breath away. The sunset views are absolutely beautiful and it is something everyone should experience at least once.
Kim – Tippy Dam
With six dogs any chance to get away from the city, I took. I have spent many summers exploring the primitive spots around Tippy Dam Recreation Area to find the perfect bluff overlooking the crystal clear waters. There is nothing more beautiful or peaceful then watching the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand and your dogs at your feet. The forest offered miles of exploring for Bentley, Murphy, Apollo and Jimmy. It truly was all of ours happy place.
Sarah – Garden Michigan
I grew up vacationing in the UP, and went to college at Northern, so I love to cross the bridge every chance I get. My current favorite spot is beautiful Garden, Michigan, located on the Garden peninsula. I love visiting the state parks in the area and always make time to pop into LaTulip Pottery and grab dinner at The Dock to take in great views of the lake.
Alex – Torch Lake
If you have ever visited Torch Lake in Antrim and Kalkaska counties during the summer, you might think it looks like the Caribbean. Well you wouldn’t be the only one, it’s the longest lake in Michigan with clear waters that it has been called Michigan’s Caribbean Sea. If you’re nature lover then you’ll love it since there is very little boat activity on the lake. Don’t just take it from me, many notable Michiganders have taken up seasonal residence there including Kid Rock, Eminem, and Michael Moore.
Chelsea – Starved Rock State Park
If you ever find yourself in the Chicago area and want to ditch the bustling city, spend a day at Starved Rock State Park. A little over an hour drive away from Chicago, you can escape to a wilderness area full of steep sandstone canyons formed by glacial meltwater. The formations are breathtaking, several accompanied by waterfalls, and there are over 13 miles of hiking trails. I oftentimes wanted breaks from the city life while living in Chicago, so I am very excited to spend my first summer exploring the beauty in Michigan!
Kayden – Saugatuck Dunes
What’s not to love about Saugatuck? My Dad’s family has a cottage at Goshorn Lake. We have spent many weekends and week-long vacations out there. One of our favorite pastimes is hiking out into the Dunes, over the lost city of Pompeii.
Let us know how you’re celebrating Earth Day and what you’re favorite nature spots are. We are always looking for new ways to appreciate the Midwest, and our planet.

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