Conversions: The Key to Your ROI

An iPhone reads, "Conversions: The Key to Your ROI"

At 8THIRTYFOUR, everything we do is driven by data. If you’re one of our avid blog readers, you’ve probably read this line a handful of times. But what does it mean?
One of the most important data points we’re talking about is conversions. Depending on your goals, conversions can come in the form of phone calls, app downloads, form submissions, viewing of a key page, signing up for an email newsletter, or other action. Conversions allow us to truly define success for your campaign. You’re investing in marketing, and conversions are the bullet-proof way to demonstrate ROI.
So how do we make the most of your investment and track its success?

By Defining Your Goals

We cannot stress enough the importance of defining what matters most to you so we can track the best data. If you’re looking for lead generation, we might track form conversions. If you are looking to increase awareness for a new product or service line, we might track downloads of a key resource. Whatever your goal is, we’ll track it.

By Utilizing Tags

One robust and versatile option for tracking these is to implement tags onto your site. Using Google’s tag manager and Facebook’s pixel, we can track many events on a site and filter them by traffic and campaign sources. These tags allow us to track everything from link clicks to form submissions to content flow of your site.
These can get a little technical, but luckily you have us.

Integrate Your Campaigns

It’s one thing to set up conversions and call it a day, but you will get much more out of this experience if you integrate it with all your campaigns. We’ll create campaign-specific links so we can determine which medium or action led to the conversion. It’s important that we know what caused the conversion, because this allows us to see what’s working and what isn’t, and we’ll adjust accordingly.
There is a lot that goes into measuring the success of your campaigns, and it all boils down to how you are measuring conversions and leveraging that data. If you’re not sure where your marketing investment is going, call us today.
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