3 Quick SEO Wins for Manufacturing Companies

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Your website is one of the most important lead generation tools that you have at your disposal, but it only works if your customers can find it.
This is why SEO is a critical tool for manufacturing companies, and why we’re giving out a few quick wins to get you started.

Keep Your Social Presence Consistent

People are going to be searching for your business on many digital platforms, and most will be searching for you on multiple different platforms. If you aren’t consistent on each, that will be a deterrent to both users and search engines.
Google and other search engines will know how credible your site is if they can see that it’s represented consistently on all platforms. This means that name, hours, location, phone numbers, and other information should be the same on your website, Facebook, Twitter, your Google listing, and any other platform you may be on.

Make Sure Your Visitors Find What They Want

Nothing is worse than visiting a website that you think will deliver you what you’re looking for, but then you can’t find it. A poorly written and mapped site can cripple the user experience.
Both the user and search engines notice this, and it’s reflected in search engine rankings. You should also avoid using terms that your customers might not understand. The visitors to your site aren’t commonly knowledgeable in most manufacturing industries, so avoid jargon that will leave them confused.

Use Copy That Visitors Search For

This goes with what was said a moment ago; visitors to your site won’t understand a lot of the industry terms you may be using, which means they definitely won’t Google them. Write your content based on what your customers might be typing into Google, and how they’re looking for you. This will show to search engines that you have exactly what your audience needs.
These three things are a great start to ensuring your site is getting proper search visibility, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.
If this just isn’t cutting it, there are plenty of resources online you can use to research, or you can call 8THIRTYFOUR to help you, because we’ve already done that research.
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