The Importance of Brand Guidelines (From a Designer)

Have you ever swooned over a beautifully designed logo? Have you ever seen that same logo immediately ruined by the use of Papyrus, or a gaudy fluorescent color? 
Below is a short lesson on the importance of brand guidelines, and avoiding a graphic designer’s biggest pet peeve*– brand inconsistency.
*OK– It’s my biggest pet peeve, but I’m sure most graphic designers would agree.

What are “brand guidelines”?

A brand guideline, or style guide, is a VID (Very Important Document) that is helpful to anyone creating content for your brand, in order to keep messaging and artwork consistent across all mediums.

What should brand guidelines include?

  • The logo design and any secondary variations of it
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Brand color palette
  • Brand typefaces for logo, headings, subheadings and body copy
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand messaging/target audience
  • Imagery or any other graphic elements

Why is this necessary for my brand?

The number one reason you need this brand-saving document is to ensure consistency. From the logo usage and business cards, to social media and your website, a brand guide will keep things cohesive across the board.
When so many hands are touching your brand (writers, designers, developers, etc.), it is important to have these standards in place as a reference and starting point. Additionally, these standards bring a sense of ease and diffuse confusion for anyone working on your brand. If there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen, they at least need to be working off the same recipe.
It is also important to have brand guidelines in order to build your brand’s recognition. The more consistent and cohesive the messaging and artwork are, the more recognizable your brand becomes. Think about companies like Nike. You see that swoop and you know who it belongs to do. You don’t even need the famous tagline paired with it to know they want you to just do it. Because they have strict brand guidelines they stick to.

How do I get brand guidelines?

Well, funny you should ask, 8THIRTYFOUR’s integrated approach ensures brand consistency whether it is a logo redesign, website revamp, content marketing, digital marketing, or all of the above.
So, reach out if your brand could use some guidelines to keep it in line!

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