Why We Love National Send a Card To A Friend Day

Today, February 7th, is “National Send a Card To a Friend Day.” Sandwiched between days like “National Pizza Day,” “National Selfie Day,” and other #hashtag-able celebrations, we found today’s title to be a refreshing break from other made up holidays.
Rather than encourage us to break out our phones or get behind our computers, National Send a Card to a Friend Day implores us to do something we probably don’t normally do: get out a pen and pick out the perfect card. Rather than post a pic or like a status to share you care, this special day invites you to get a little more personal. And we like that.
Even when it’s not a national day with its own hashtag, we stand behind the practice of sending handwritten notes to friends, colleagues, and clients. We even gave out thank you cards as a party favor at our Small Business Celebration.

Here are a few reasons why, even when it’s not Send a Card To a Friend Day, we love taking the time to send handwritten cards and notes.
It’s An Unexpected Surprise
Admit it, you love getting mail that isn’t a bill or junk. But, we often don’t take the time to send it. Getting a card or note in the mail is so rare that they have become something really special and exciting to receive, despite being a fairly simple gesture. If you send one, the person receiving it will be sure to remember it!
They are also satisfying to send. Maybe it’s knowing you will be brightening someone’s day or maybe it’s the physical act of dropping them in a mailbox rather than clicking a button. Whatever it is, it’s pretty darn cool.
They Invite Creativity
If you are an avid note writer, you are forced to move away from the standard, “Thanks so much for the Tupperware, my leftovers have never been fresher,” and move into more interesting territory. Writing a note that shares a special story, recognizes a certain moment, or is just funny or touching, is a fun and easy way to tap into a few minutes of creativity.
And, in our plugged in, buzzing, beeping, glowing screen type of world, we can use all the creativity boosts we can get!
It Shows You Care
By taking the time to send a handwritten note, not an email or a text, you are showing the recipient that they are important–important enough for you to pick out a card, think of them and write a meaningful message beyond a typical “thanks.” You also have to pony up 49 cents for a stamp and sometimes even leave your home or office to get it mailed. That really says you care.
Connect With Community
We love to comb through local publications like West Michigan Woman, Grand Rapids Magazine, Mlive, GRBJ, MiBiz, GRNow, etc. to see the mover and shakers in our community. Then, we like to reach out with a note. It makes sense to send a congrats, kudos and job well-done to those kicking ass and taking names–and it only takes a second. They’ll appreciate the gesture and maybe they’ll think of you the next time they’re looking for someone new to work with.
Stationary. Enough Said.
There’s some really cute stationary out there and there are a lot of amazing shops in Grand Rapids that carry locally-created cards, pads, and more. Not only are you making someone’s day, you’re contributing to the local economy.
So, this National Send a Card to a Friend Day, bust out that stationary, break out those rusty cursive skills, and send a note to a friend or colleague that will certainly put a smile on their face.

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