Upping Your Digital Marketing Game in 2018

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***This article was originally published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal
We are calling 2018 the year of digital marketing. Businesses that have a strong digital marketing game are those that have a clear digital marketing plan.
Execution of your digital strategy includes the use of robust content marketing plans coupled with strategic website design & development, savvy use of social media content and ample search engine optimization.
If you are already implementing a digital strategy, here are some tips to maximize your efforts in 2018.

Beef up your local organic search

Over the last 12-18 months, Google has updated algorithms to place record-high significance on local search. Why? To appease users.
More than ever, users are searching with specific queries and local intent, such as “commercial printers, grand rapids MI.” They’re expecting hyper-local, specific and relevant results, and they’re ready to pick up the phone and call whoever shows up.
While you may have centered SEO efforts on “commercial printers” in the past, you should be making sure you’re optimized for local searches. This is important for all businesses operating both locally and globally.

Re-visit your website content strategy

Chances are, you’ve probably invested money in your website in the last couple years. It probably looks great, responds to all devices and properly demonstrates your brand.
It is important that you are constantly refreshing and adjusting the strategy to take into account content, algorithms, SEO and more. Is your site structured in a way that makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for? Are you still using cheesy stock photography? Is the copy actually interesting to read?
Users are smart. And they’re inundated with crappy content on a daily basis and they will tune out your brand if you don’t set yourself apart. To truly connect, your content needs to be unique, genuine and engaging.
Ready for more? You can find more tips on how to up your digital marketing game in the Grand Rapids Business Journal.
Or, if you’re ready to put a digital plan into place, you can reach out to us!

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