Content Marketing: The Essentials

Content is important. You obviously understand this as you are reading an amazing blog on how to get started (and stay motivated). Here’s a few tips for all the newbie content generators.
Content marketing does not have to be complicated. From our experience, people tend to overthink it. This style of writing is neither a research paper nor should technical and boring; approach it as a conversation with those interested in your business or industry or the topic in general.
Content marketing is not just a blog but also all of the following:

  1. Blog (this can be your own or those you’ve contributed as a guest blogger on another site)
  2. Op Ed
  3. Tweets
  4. Facebook Posts
  5. Public Relations

You cannot be successful in communication activities if you are not generating news, industry tips, helpful advice and beyond. Readers want to learn about more than how great you are; generate relevant information they can pass along to their networks and rely on you to provide week after week.
Here is quick, simple way to begin content marketing:

  1. Start a blog. Use WordPress; it is the simplest and most versatile CMS for blogging. Make sure it is linked to your website.
  2. Post once per week. Start creating content. This is the fun part! Soon your content will be so enticing and far read that major publications like the Wall Street Journal or CNN will be contacting you for interviews. Okay, maybe that is a bit down the road. Need help with content generation? Assign to team members, hire an agency to assist (834) or put aside 45 minutes to knock out 500 words. To put it in perspective, this blog took me 10 minutes to write.
  3. Share it. Take your amazing blogs and share on your social networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We suggest scheduling them out repeatedly. Just because a blog is two weeks old doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant.
  4. Keep improving. Scale up quality and quantity. Diversify your content with infographics, video, and webinars. Integrate consistently with social media and create resources such as e-books or white papers that are available for download.

Content marketing isn’t going away — adapt or be left in the dust.

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