Don't Waste the Media's Time

The media is busy, there are less reporters and they are doing more work than ever before. Not only do they find the stories, write the stories, edit, tweet, Facebook and interview…they have to be their own marketer.
Want to be successful? Follow these guidelines.

  1. Time sensitive story ideas. Old news isn’t news.
  2. Expert opinions. Reporters look for credible sources that speak clearly and have mastered the technique of speaking in “sound-bites.” In other words, don’t be long-winded.
  3. Answers to: Who? What? Why? When? Where? How?
  4. Sources for all facts.
  5. Information they cannot get elsewhere.
  6. Sources that respect deadlines. Return calls promptly and make yourself accessible.
  7. Information that is helpful to readers, listeners or viewers.
  8. Solutions. Reporters have to show both sides of the story, and really like it when you can offer a solution to a problem.
  9. A strong, ongoing and reliable relationship with you and your organization.

Acknowledge the great work that reporters do, and be there when they need you.

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