Say Hello to the 834 Liquid Diet

holiday-card-generic-1In true 834 fashion, we like to take a different approach to ringing in the New Year.
We know you’ve spent the holiday season eating your calories.
Say hello to the 834 liquid diet:
Cocoa with a kick.

  • Add 2oz peppermint schnapps to your favorite cocoa.
  • Top with whipped cream and bits of crushed candy cane.

Tea to help you dream.

  • Add 2oz rum & 1tbsp honey to your favorite green tea.
  • For a twist, to slide into slumber, add 5 sprigs of mint.

The best damn coffee around.

  • Add ¼oz of each of triple sec, amaretto, Irish cream, & hazelnut liqueur to your favorite coffee.

And wine, well, because wine.
Don’t add shots of liquor here, trust us. Simply try several glasses, and several varieties. You can thank us later.
Sweet Sipping from all of us at 834 Design & Marketing!

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