I Will Not Watch, I Will Not Watch….Crap, I Watched It

We have all seen it.
The  Christmas video that has gone completely viral.
You went through the typical 5-Stage SM coping mechanisms- 1) Ignore – another stupid video makes the rounds, 2) Denial – I am so not watching that,  3) Annoyance – why does everyone keep sharing this?,  and 4) I mean what is the big deal? 5)No one has to know I watched it.
You broke. You finally broke and you watched it.

In typical 834 fashion, we thought we would share our top 7 reactions to the WestJet viral Christmas video as it played.

  1. I cannot believe I broke and am watching this, I’ve never even heard of WestJet!
  2. Ahhh, I see what you did there, playing off the “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
  3. Pretty slick set-up with scanning the boarding pass and Santa…
  4. Cute kid…yeah, okay a TV…sure you need that.
  5. What is happening?
  6. Nice partners – Best Buy…wait, are they giving out presents to all of the passengers?!!?
  7. Crap. I am crying. That dude totally wishes he hadn’t asked for socks and underwear!

And the top reaction….That was one hell of  a PR stunt. Brilliant. Also, be careful what you wish for…you might end up with socks and underwear instead of a 50-Inch Flat Screen or an Android Tablet.
Gotta give kudos where kudos is due. WestJet, well done.
To get noticed as a company…think out of the box and most importantly…don’t make it about you. People don’t tune in to hear you talk about yourself, get over your bad self.
Over 16 million people have viewed the YouTube video and it is too soon to tell what the social media stats are for the Christmas video, however if the amount of times it has popped up in my Facebook feed is any indication…it is going to be A LOT. The company has made social media a priority, sticking to Facebook, Twitter and a well-curated YouTube. They use it to connect with their customers and potential customers, even when they aren’t traveling.
Here are some great articles on the magic of WestJet.
Want to be successful on social media?

  • Be genuine
  • Be responsive
  • Be real
  • Understand the value
  • Care about your audience, your customers, your potential customers…don’t waste their time
  • Stop watching and start DOING
  • Take a gamble, make an impact for someone
  • Give….in real time

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