The Best Job Interview Tips

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Interviews can be totally nerve-wracking, especially with the combo of video and in-person. We’re expected to crush it no matter the circumstances, which is why we’re sharing our best tips and worst experiences (for you to learn from).

Be well-rested

One of our team members, who may or may not run this company, went to an interview slightly hungover and not quite sure what position they were interviewing for (it was a Christian publishing company) Needless to say her charm and quick wit (was real slow that day) did not salvage this interview. She did, however, walk out with multiple Bibles and devotionals. 

Only interview for jobs you want and get a good night of rest prior to the interview. 

Study Up

It is our biggest pet peeve when someone interviews for one of our open position and knowns nothing about 8THIRTYFOUR. You grew up in the Google generation, meaning you’ve never known a world without Google – use those tech skills you were born with and get to researching. Read up on who you’re interviewing with, connect with them on LinkedIn and come prepared with a question or two for each of them. People LOVE talking about themselves, so give them the opportunity to do so.

Be You

Do not tone down who you are. If you want to stand out, then be yourself – unless you are really boring and blah, then channel someone else. A surefire way to stand out is to wear a bright color, fabulous shoes and show up with something to handout. We’d fall out of our chairs if someone wrote an article on why they are the perfect candidate for 8THIRTYFOUR…actually come to think of it, our newest hire did. 

Fake It

Imposter syndrome is a real asshole, and we’re all suffering from it. It’s why you need to get really good at faking it. Smile, make eye contact and take the time to think out your responses. If you were invited to interview, then you’re there because your skill set matches the job responsibilities. Stop doubting yourself.

Preparation is key. If you research the company, people, news articles, past blogs and check out their social media; you’ll have a solid understanding of culture and the type of work they do.

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